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Company History


The company's main products: automatic shrink film sleeve labeling machine, self-adhesive labeling machine, hot melt opp labeling machine and PVC, PET, OPS, OPP, self-adhesive label design and printing


Zhangjiagang paima packaging machinery co.,Ltd established in 2009, we introduced Paisun company’s printing technology and at same time launched the application machine to provide a one-stop packaging machinery&Printing service for customer.

2010.6Online sales

In 2010, with the opening up of the Chinese market and foreign market demand of packaging machine and packaging label, we set up the import and export trade team, began to develop foreign markets.

2012.6Launch new product

Based on the adhesive label business, we researched and developed the application adhesive labeling machine, mainly included round bottle adhesive labeling machine, single side/double sides adhesive labeling machine and top flat adhesive labeling machine. At same time, we provided kinds of customized machine for different demands.


In these years of development, more and more people joined in our company, and thus our company structure has been imorived a lot. We expanded our production site and invested many processing equipment. Also, we invested huge cost on environment protection equipment to meet the environment requirement.

2016.4Launch new product

With the popular of opp label, we researched and developed both straight type hot melt opp labeling machine and rotary type hot melt opp labeling machine in 2016 year, and in this year, we sold out 6 sets of straight line hot melt opp labeling machine to different countries.

2018.12Sales achievement

At the end of 2018, company sales reached to 50 million yuan, and 40% come from foreign market.

2019.1Launch new product

In order to expand the backend packing equipments, We introduce technicians to the case packing machine. So far, our products are more and more abundant, our team is more and more powerful, and our service is more and more perfect.

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