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 Company Culture

Company cultural

Customer first · Innovation · Team cooperation

Service: Customer First

Maintain company image anytime and anywhere. Smile in the face of complaints and grievances, actively at work for the customer to solve the problem. In the process of communication with customers. If not own responsibility,also don’t shuffle standing in customer’s position thinking. On the basis of the principle. Finally meet customer and company are satisfied. Advanced service awareness, nip in the bud.


To adapt to changes in day-to-day, don’t complain. In the face of change, rational treatment, adequate communication, Sincere cooperation. Difficulties and setbacks in changes, Self adjustment, and the positive impact and drive colleagues. In the work have the consciousness of the foresight to establish new methods, new ideas. To create change, and bring achievements to improve performance.

Team Cooperation:

Actively intergrated into the team, willing to accept colleagues help, cooperate with team to complete the work.

Before the decision, actively express constructive opinions

Fully participate in team discussions, after discussion, whether or not has objection, must be fully supported from the words and deeds.

Active share the business knowledge and experience;

Take the initiative to help colleagues;

Be good at using the power of the team to solve problems and difficulties.