One-Stop Liquid Filling And Packaging Service: Filling Machines, Labeling Machines And Packing Machines
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Filling Machines

24-24-8 8000bph 600ml pure water filling plant

14-12-5 Drinking water 500ml production line

One liter pure water blowing filling labeling packing line

500ml Carbonated drink filling line

5 gallon barrel pure water bottling line

Linear type 5 liter large bottle water filling machine

Automatic 6 heads motor oil bottle filling machine

16 heads linear type liquid detergent bottle filling line

Labeling Machines

13000bph 250ml plastic bottle hot melt glue labeling machine

High speed 18 worksations salt sparkling water opp labeling machine

High speed shampoo bottle shrink label applicator with steam tunnel

Automatic shrink sleeve machine for egg-shaped products

5 gallon empty bottle sticker labeling machine

Round bottle self-adhesive stciker labeling machine

Bottle cap flat surface adhesive labeling machine

Double sides flat bottle oil bottle sticker labeling machine

Packing Machines

Liner type 1.5L bottle 2x3 shrink packing machine

L type 24 packs bottle PE film shrink packing machines

Glass bottle cooktail wine pick up type carton packaging line

One piece type drop down oil bottle carton open packing sealing machine

Blowing Machines

Automatic plastic bottle blow molding machines

500ml plastic bottle automatic blowing machines

PET water bottle blowing molding machines

Water Treatment Plant

Industrial pure water treatment system

Commerical drinking water purrification plant

River lake underground well water treatment plant