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Fault Analysis of Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine

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Carbonated beverage filling machine has a compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation, and high degree of automation; the part in contact with materials is made of high-quality stainless steel, no process dead corner, easy to clean; high precision high speed filling valve is adopted to ensure an accurate liquid level and no liquid loss, thus ensuring excellent filling quality.


The structural steel body of the carbonated beverage filling machine is made of 304 stainless steel with an adjustable base; the carefully designed bottle clip of the bottle washing machine does not touch the threaded part of the bottle mouth, which can effectively prevent bottle mouth pollution; the conveying system of filling production line adopts starwheel for smooth conveying, and the conveying wheel is made of stainless steel; the flushing water pipe of the sump is made of 304 stainless steel for flushing water filtration system; the high-efficiency capping system of filling production line has advanced automatic control and protection device; the part in contact with the product is food-grade stainless steel, with polished inner surface treatment. If it fails we must not underestimate it.


  1, If the liquid level of the material tank is not enough to cause the level is unstable, you can replenish the liquid or readjust the ball valve above the filling head, reset the filling time of the filling machine (lengthen the filling time), or slow down the filling speed of the filling machine. If it is not a problem with the material liquid, you can check whether there is any foreign matter in the three-way control valve or in the filling channel of the filling machine. If there is, clean and dredge in time mainly at the entrance of the chute or filling mouth.


  2, If the filling nozzle spool is a stuck or delayed opening, the spool needs to be installed from scratch. If the opening is delayed, adjust the throttle valve of the thin cylinder. The last thing to note is that if the check valve does not open, it will not lead to no discharge of the equipment.


  3, Individual valves or cylinders move slowly or do not work. Generally caused by control valve failure, so you need to check whether the output display light of the beverage filling machine that controls the output is working properly. After confirming that the work is normal, the following checks can be carried out.


  4, Check the solenoid plug of the carbonated beverage filling machine solenoid valve. If the plug is damaged or not inserted, it may also cause the valve or cylinder to move slowly or not work. If the solenoid coil is damaged, replace the coil to eliminate the problem.