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How to maintain the glass bottle carbonated beverage filling machine?

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The glass bottle carbonated beverage filling machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the electricity is automatically controlled by PLC. The main components of each piece of equipment are installed with detecting elements to provide real-time feedback on the operation status and parameters, which are displayed by the PC human-machine interface. Once a fault occurs, it will make a corresponding alarm and response, and intelligently provide information about the fault point, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to troubleshoot and restore normal operation in a short time.


The glass bottle carbonated beverage filling machine is the equipment to clean, fill, and seal the bottles. After blowing out the bottles, the bottles are exposed to air during the whole process of entering the filling from the air duct, and the bottles are clamped to rinse the empty bottles clean. For internal rinsing, sterile filtered water is used inside the empty bottle to ensure that the water is also clean when rinsing. When rinsing the bottle, the nozzle is sprayed upward and the effluent is discharged through the middle and sides of the bottle wall. The filling is done with 304 stainless steel valves. Bottled water is filled by raising the height of the bottle to open the valve and complete the liquid filling of the bottle. The cap is locked by a toothed ring. When the bottle passes through, the screw cap head cap presses the bottle firmly on the bottle mouth, and the cap is screwed at high speed without hurting the bottle mouth.

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  Let's take a look at the maintenance methods of glass bottle carbonated beverage filling machines.


  1、There are strict requirements for the placement environment. Must ensure that indoor humidity is moderate, ventilation and hygiene, because it is, after all, mechanical equipment, raw materials are some steel motors, etc., placed in a humid environment is easy to rust, the closed environment is not conducive to its operation when the heat dissipation.


  2、Before use, you must ensure that the power supply is normal, as well as the safety of the grounding wire. The damage caused by the unstable voltage to the machine is quite large. You also need to wipe off the oil or dirt with a non-woven soft cloth and detergent and then wipe dry. After use, all remaining materials should be removed to prevent material corrosion of the equipment and scrubbed clean.


  3、Regularly add lubricating oil in each part position to reduce friction resistance and make the machine run faster.


  4、Clean up the invisible dust and garbage in the machine box regularly.