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How to operate five gallon filling machine

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Five-gallon barrel filling machine is a widely used, automatic filling equipment widely adopted by pure water or mineral water plants, specifically for filling 3-gallon and 5-gallon water barrels. The machine is easy to operate, requiring only one or two workers to operate, and it integrates disinfection, rinsing, capping, capping and feeding. It adopts a three-phase AC 380V power supply and is widely used in towns, industrial and mining enterprises, and individual units.



As five-gallon barrel water is an important item in modern life, more and more companies are investing in the production and sale of barrel water products, so the barrel water filling machine has a wide range of application prospects in the market. The following is an analysis of the working principle of the barrel filling machine, the use of methods, and application areas.


Five-gallon barrel filling machine is a highly efficient automatic filling equipment, its working principle is divided into the following steps:


1, pretreatment: the faucet comes with a filter, which can remove impurities and odors in the water and improve the quality of filled water.


2、Filling: Pour into the prepared bucket, the equipment automatically detects the water level and temperature, and then automatically performs a series of operations such as disinfection, rinsing, filling, capping, capping and sending out.


3、Reprocessing: Through disinfection, sterilization, and filtration, the water is further processed and treated to ensure that the water filled has high quality and good taste.

The five-gallon barrel-filling machine is easy to operate and very easy to use. It generally requires the following steps to be followed:


1、Preparation: put the five-gallon bucket under the equipment, connect the three-phase AC 380V power supply, turn on the equipment power switch and the pump.


2、Adjustment: According to the actual needs, adjust the filling speed, water temperature, disinfection time and other parameters to ensure that the equipment can work properly.


3、Operation: Press the operation button of the equipment and wait for the equipment to complete the filling process.


4、End: After the filling is completed, turn off the power switch and pump of the equipment, and clean up the water stains and foreign matter left on the surface and inside of the equipment.


The five-gallon barrel-filling machine has a wide range of applications in the market and is suitable for production and sales in various occasions. It is a very practical and widely used equipment. As one of the important items of modern life, the demand for barrel water in the market is getting higher and higher, so investing in the production of barrel water products and using barrel water filling machines for filling operations will become the future development trend.