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Process flow of juice beverage production equipment

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The small beverage filling machine is reasonably designed, compact, and easy to operate, equipped with a filling volume adjustment handle, filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and filling accuracy is high. The filling valve head adopts an anti-drip, anti-draw, and lifting filling device. The filling machine is divided into single, double-head, and explosion-proof models. Using compressed air as the power, the precision pneumatic components constitute an automatic filling system, simple structure, sensitive and reliable action, easy to adjust, adapt to a variety of liquid, viscous fluid, paste filling is also suitable for work in a flammable and explosive environment, is the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics and other industries of filling equipment.


  The characteristics of a small beverage filling machine.

  1, all stainless steel, service motor control, can fill any capacity, fast filling, backward bottles, lack of bottles are not filled.


  2, filling speed can be adjusted to overcome the traditional slow filling, from the filling machine is no longer the number of heads to calculate the output.


  3, the machine has no adjustment nodes, as long as the speed and the number of milliliters of a single bottle is entered, it is filled directly, fast and good, no dripping.


  The production process of small beverage filling machine is divided into the following two cases.

  1, juice drinks with fruit juicing as raw materials (the juicing process of various fruits are different here, for example, raw materials for apples) jam production line

  Apple → juicing treatment into apple juice → juice blending (adding sweeteners, coloring agents, spices) → juice sterilization → juice filling packaging → finished apple flavored drinks (attractive color, delicious taste) fruit and vegetable beverage production line


  2, fruit juice drinks with fruit powder, and fruit juice concentrate as raw materials (fruit powder, and fruit juice concentrate can be purchased directly, saving the juicing production equipment)

  Fruit powder, fruit juice concentrate → juice blending (add sweetener, coloring agent, spices ---) → juice sterilization → juice filling and packaging → finished fruit flavored drinks (attractive color, delicious taste custom autumn pear cream production line.

  Clarification type apple juice processing process, raw material selection → cleaning and sorting → crushing → pressing → coarse filtration → clarification → full set of pear cream production equipment fine filtration → sugar and acid adjustment → degassing → sterilization → packaging.