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The methods to deal with the basic failures of the bottled automatic beverage production line

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The clean bottles from the bottle washing machine are fed into the bottle feeding spiral of the filling machine by the bottle feeding star wheel and sent to the bottle holding cylinder on the rotary table and raised, integrating washing, filling, and sealing, suitable for the hot filling production of various juice drinks and tea drinks, while replacing a small number of parts, it can be used for filling of pure water and mineral water.

The production line adopts the advanced micro-negative pressure gravity filling principle, filling fast, stable and accurate, with a perfect material reflux system, also can realize the reflux back to the gas, not in contact with the material, reduce the material secondary pollution and oxidation. The machine can meet the technical requirements of hot filling below 95℃, the filling valve and material inlet and outlet pipeline have no sanitary dead corner, meanwhile, it is equipped with CIP self-cleaning interface and RO water rinsing device for bottle mouth before capping to ensure that the bottle mouth is free from mold, and it adopts magnetic torque type cap screwing head to realize the function of cap grasping and cap screwing. The capping torque is steplessly adjustable and has the function of constant torque screwing and sealing plastic caps.


The bottled automatic beverage production line adopts advanced technology such as human-machine interface touch screen control, PLC computer program control, and frequency converter control. It has the functions of automatic control of cap supply system, automatic detection of filling temperature, high-temperature alarm of material, low-temperature stop, and automatic reflow, no bottle without a cap, lack of bottle waiting, lack of cap stop, etc.


It is mainly composed of extraction equipment, concentration equipment, vacuum sterilization equipment, filling equipment, etc. During the production process, failures are inevitable. For the basic failures that often occur in the bottled automatic beverage production line and the timely response methods, we have made the following summary today.


1, The bottle automatic beverage production line itself is inaccurate.

The inadequate filling trough in the large size of the packaging, resulting in instability of the material liquid, can be appropriately increased feeding or close the valve above the small shut-off head, the need to set the filling time, filling speed, or slow down.


2. Dial or adjust the number of units.

The need to turn off the power and restart if the time remains unchanged.


3. The level is stable, however, the filling volume is inaccurate.

There may be a debris plug filling channel, mainly in the entrance slot or filling nozzle location, for timely inspection and cleaning.


4. Run the non-opening feed switch, the number of the time relay indicates that the LED is not flashing.

Feeder switch is damaged or the foundation of the time relay is loose, replace the same feeder switch or by the time relay.


 5. After closing, the drip irrigation material nozzle is damaged

Can remove the irrigation nozzle perforation, hole diameter is not greater than 7.5mm, fixed aperture massage can be in the water sandpaper hole.