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The Popular Empty Cup/Bottle Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine In Thailand

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This week, we have two sets of empty cup/ bottle shrink sleeve labeling machine shipped to Thailan. 

It’s not our first time to sell our machine to Thailand. We have the many customer in Thailand. Based on the understanding of the Thailand Market, we usually suggest our customer to adopt the electric heating shrink tunnel for empty bottles or empty cups. Because the original steam heating shrink tunnel will wet  the empty bottle to cause the second pollution, and it’s not convenient for packing. In order to avoid the high temperature melting the conveyor belt in the tunnel section, we adopt the high temperature resistance belt.

Automatic sleeve labeling machine

Our shrink sleeve labeling machine also enjoy high reputation in our customers. Customers appraise that our machine is easy to operate and run stable and high efficiency. The most important thing is that our engineer provide an excellent installation and trainning service, so they have no any worries.

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