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What are the key points of bottled water production line design and the methods to ensure cleanliness?

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The entire flushing, filling, and capping process of the bottled water production line adopts a PC programmable active computer control system. This equipment has safety devices such as interlock, signal, and self-test. The main body is composed of an active capping machine, an active upper and lower barrel machine, a wind capping and capping washing machine, an internal flushing and sterilizing machine, and a rotary filling and capping machine. Auxiliary equipment includes a transportation system, heat-shrinkable film machine, LED light inspection machine, bucket bagging machine, and automatic palletizer.


The planning of the bottled water production line should pay attention to the key points:

The key point is to compare and select the relevant materials in the three aspects of product, consumption, and sales. The basic point of selection is to help improve sales. The selection of key points mainly includes three aspects: trademark brand, the product itself, and consumer objects. Emphasis refers to the focal point that reflects the content.

The planning of the bottled water production line is carried out within a limited screen, which is a limitation in space. At the same time, the bottled water production line is known to buyers in a short period of time during the sale, which is the limitation of time.

This kind of space-time constraint requires that the planning of the bottled water production line cannot be blindly comprehensive, and everything is covered. Putting everything on it means nothing. In the visual center of the picture, the primary content required by the bottled water production line and its graphics and text are placed.

The main methods of ensuring the cleanliness of the bottled water production line are:

Adhere to the cleanliness of the barrels of the bottled water production line. All the pipes, especially the pipes that are indirect or direct contact with the material, must be kept clean, rinsed every week, drained every day, and sterilized every time;

Ensure that the bottled water production line is clean, and the material tank should be rinsed and sterilized to ensure that the parts in contact with the material are free from fouling and bacteria. In addition, the filling equipment should be isolated from other equipment. The smooth part of the bottled water production line and the filling material part should be prevented from cross-contamination. The smoothness of the conveyor belt should use special soapy water or lubricating oil. The containers of the bottled water production line must be kept clean, and the filling containers used must be strictly inspected and cleaned, so as not to contaminate the beverages after filling; it is also necessary to keep the filling workshop clean and tidy.