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2000BPH PET Plastic Bottle Drinking Water Filling Production Line
2000BPH PET Plastic Bottle Drinking Water Filling Production Line
2000BPH PET Plastic Bottle Drinking Water Filling Production Line
2000BPH PET Plastic Bottle Drinking Water Filling Production Line
2000BPH PET Plastic Bottle Drinking Water Filling Production Line
2000BPH PET Plastic Bottle Drinking Water Filling Production Line
  • 2000BPH PET Plastic Bottle Drinking Water Filling Production Line
  • 2000BPH PET Plastic Bottle Drinking Water Filling Production Line
  • 2000BPH PET Plastic Bottle Drinking Water Filling Production Line
  • 2000BPH PET Plastic Bottle Drinking Water Filling Production Line
  • 2000BPH PET Plastic Bottle Drinking Water Filling Production Line
  • 2000BPH PET Plastic Bottle Drinking Water Filling Production Line
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2000BPH PET Plastic Bottle Drinking Water Filling Production Line

This Machine is mainly used in water filling operations, the three functions of bottle washing, filling, and capping are composed in one body of the machine, the whole process is automatic, it is conveniently turned to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles, the filling operation is faster and more stable due to the advanced filling valve technology, The famous brand programmed controller (PLC) is adopted to control the machine runs automatically .it is a piece of ideal preferred equipment for beverage makers.

  • Product Description

Water Line

This series of bottled water production lines are mainly used for non-aerated drinks such as mineral water, pure water, non-gas wine drink, and so on, with a capacity of 2000-3000BPH based on 200ml to 2000ml. This small and start-up water production line is composed of a blowing machine, water filling machine, water purification station, labeling machine, and packing machine, all the machines you ever need for starting your new water business. The machine's special design will shorten the time for the water to contact the outside, Reliable Machinery is dedicated to presenting the best machines with clear advantages and strengths.

Suitable for water filling, widely used in the bottles packing on 0.2L-2L small scale bottles,
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-- Automatic Filling Machine
√√ Application: Pure water, Mineral water, Alkaline water, Springwater
√√ Capacity:2000BPH Warranty:2 Years
√√ 3 IN 1 Rinsing, Filling, Capping integration machine, 8-8-3 heads
√√ Intelligent SIEMENS PLC control and interface screen, automatic easy operation
√√ Bottles transmission by flat conveyor made in Stain Steel 304, ensure quality
√√ Compact structure, simplified operation, good performance
√√ Servo motor and Frequency convertor, stable operation, and fast


Machine Parameters

Function :Washing / Filling / Capping System 
Suitable for:  PET bottles with screw cap Bottle sizes : 250ml ~ 2L 
Filling system:  Gravity fillingCapacity:  2000 ~3000BPH
Application:  still water, pure water, RO water, mineral water, sparkling water, etc.

Name :  2000BPH Mineral Water Filling Machine
Model CGF8-8-3
Capacity: (for 500ml)2000 -3000 Bottles/hour
Suitable bottle shapesPET Circular or Square 
Bottle diameter Dia50 ~ Dia115mm
Bottle height 150 ~320mm
Compressor air 0.3 ~0.7 Mpa
Washing medium Aseptic water 
Rinsing pressure >0.06Mpa <0.2Mpa
Application Still water / Pure water / Mineral water 
Total power4.4kw
Overall dimensions2.3X1.9m
Height 2.3m
Weight      5500kg




The machine body and all pipes are made of stainless steel 304.
The motor for the cap unscrambles is from a famous brand instead of a simple stirring motor like others.
Strong stainless iron as the door stopper instead of the common magnet to make sure the doors will be safely opened and closed.
Additional High stability handle, exclusive with us.

Free bottle shape design.
Fully transparent manufacture progress tracking.
Industry-leading production environment and standard production requirements.
Strict selection of high-quality materials, fine workmanship, and long service life.



In order to make sure that the bottles are stably conveyed to the next part of the production line, we side-cover the whole bottle flat conveyor with stainless steel.
The conveyor belt is held by the roller for stable operation.
High-quality Water and oil separator from brand AIRTECH.
Our control panel is SIEMENS and the switch is Schneider.

High-efficiency, energy-saving, economical, safe, and environmental-friendly.
Strong production capacity and superb technology. 
Perfect manufacture and quality inspection equipment.
Longer service life and lower machine maintenance costs.
Spare Parts Stock Service and 2 years warranty.


Detailed images

Washing Part

>> Water distributor, bottle clamp, upturn plate, guide rail, protection cover, spraying device

>>All 304 stainless steel rinser heads, water spray style inject design, more save water consumption & more clean

>>304 Stainless steel Gripper with plastic pad, ensure minimal bottle crash during washing

>>304 stainless steel washing pumps

>> All food-grade SUS304/316 design

>> Effectively clean bottle and save water

>> Resting waiting for water drops

Filling Part

>>High precision filling nozzle, PLC variable signal control, ensure high filling precision & filling smoothly & steadily

>>All 304 stainless steel contact parts & liquid tank, fine polish, easy to clean

>> Filling valve, guide rail, elevating device, etc.

>> Gravity filling method

>> Filling volume adjustable

>> All food grade SUS304/316 design, harmless for beverages and easy to clean

>>No bottle no filling

Capping Part

>>Place & capping system, electromagnetic capping heads, with burden discharge function, make sure minimum bottle crash during capping

>>All 304stainless steel construction

>> Cap unscrambler, cap drop rail, and capper

>> Minimum bottle crash during capping

>> No bottle no capping

Production Process

1. Water Treatment System


The purpose of water treatment is to improve the water quality and make it meet certain water quality standards. Quartz sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, sodium ion softening and other steps can effectively remove turbid organic matter, iron, manganese, and oxides in water, filter suspended solids, colloids, microbial residual oxygen, and some heavy metal ions in water, reduce water hardness, and make various The water quality indicators fully meet the national freshwater drinking water standards.

2. Bottle Blowing Machine


An automatic bottle blowing machine, which is suitable for blowing various shapes of PET bottles, the capacity is from 100ml to 2000ml. Perform infrared heating, and controllable constant pressure control, in order to achieve the best blowing accuracy. It adopts a programmable PLC controller for automatic control, and the microcomputer touch screen is easy to operate.

3. Filling System


This water filling machine is a three-in-one machine that integrates the functions of rinsing, filling, and capping. Drawing on foreign advanced technology, it is designed according to the filling process requirements of mineral water and pure water and is suitable for 200-2000ml plastic bottles.

The control system has many functions such as production speed control, lack of cap detection, automatic shutdown of blocked bottles, and output counting. All controls are operated with advanced touch screens to realize man-machine dialogue operation.

4. Labeling Machine


The system is controlled by a Siemens microcomputer, the touch screen directly clicks the menu operation mode, and the parameter adjustment is convenient and intuitive. The capacity is up to 3000bph. By replacing the bottle feeding screw, star wheel, and bottle rack, it can be applied to high-speed labeling of bottles of various specifications. The sensitivity of the label electric eye is adjustable, especially for transparent labels and label backing papers with different light transmittances, which can be distinguished and compared.

5. Final Packing Machine


1. Anti-high temperature Teflon convey belt, convey steadily, high-strength anti-abrasion.

2. Frequency limitless speed adjust convey belt frame.

3. Convey belt height can make according to client requirement, adjust range: ±50mm

4. Bottle convey machine can meet with client bottle forward direction requirement, can lengthen or shorten.

5. Wing stainless steel heating system, endurance.

6. Meet with product instant stop requirement product-bearing rack device to ensure production line consistency. 

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