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Automatic Case Erector
Automatic Case Erector
Automatic Case Erector
  • Automatic Case Erector
  • Automatic Case Erector
  • Automatic Case Erector
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Automatic Case Erector

  • Product Description

Automatic Case Erector


1. Advanced technology manufacturing, and advanced parts, electrical components and pneumatic components.

2. With a vertical storage, so that you can add carton at any time, be sure the machine keeps running continuously.

3.  It is suitable for one kind carton size at one time, when you need to change a different carton box. It takes about 1-2 minute.

4. Reasonable design, synchronous absorb forming, folding bottom and bottom sealing.

5.Its body and part performance precisely and durably, operation process and no vibration, operation stability, long life span, high efficiency.

6. Equipped with blade protection device, avoid operation when he accidentally stabbed

7. It can be used separately, or contact with the production line together

Technical Parameter

机械尺寸 Machine Dimension  (L*W*H)


适用箱型 Suitable Carton

L: 200-450 W150-400 H100-350mm

适用胶带 Suitable Tape

W: 48-60-75mm L:1000 yard

开箱速度  Capacity

600-720 box/h

工作台面高度 Height of Work Table


电源 Power Supply

1PH 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz

气源 Air Supply


净重 Net Weight

400 kg

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