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Basic Features You Should Know About The Opp Hot Melt Labeling Machine

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Product labeling plays a very important role in the production chain because it gives a face to a brand, and any mistake at the point of labeling has a devastating effect on both the product as well as the company.


Companies use different ways to label their products before supply. Some use manual operation while others adopt automatic machine labeling that automatically labels products after the machine has been programmed to the desired settings.


When it comes to automatic labeling, opp hot melt labeling machine seems to be the best labeling machine for all shapes and volumes of bottles. This easy to operate machine model is designed to easily make mass production of labels on different kinds of containers at a low production cost.


Also, opp hot melt labeling machine is good for both single and double side circumference labeling of flat, square, and round bottles like water bottle, juice, and steam beverage filling.


However, when considering purchasing either the opp hot melt labeling machine or the opp hot melt glue labeling machine, you should find your way to the home an expert, and a renowned labeling machine manufacturer.


Automatic Rotary Opp Hot Melt Labeling Machine

Outstanding Features of Opp Hot Melt Labeling Machine


1. Intelligent Control

Opp hot melt labeling machine uses a mature PLC control system to maintain the high speed and stability of the machine.

There is a universal-shaped dispensing device that aids quick positioning and adjustment without replacing the accessories with another diameter.  


2. Intuitive User-Machine Interactive Interface

Opp hot melt glue labeling machine has an operating system that is controlled by a highly sensitive touch screen system.

This makes the machine easy to operate, efficient, and practical. Besides, the doubled-sided chain correction ensures the alignment of the material.


3. Coding System

Opp hot melt glue labeling machine has a code printer that can print batch number and operation date online, improve efficiency, and reduce the packaging process of the bottle. The code printer is fast, stable, and very clear.  


4. Labeling Speed and Quality

A variable speed control system regulates the speed according to the need to operate with the best production speed.

The quality of labeling is without wrinkles, which greatly improve the packaging quality of the product.


5. Automatic Photoelectric Detection

An interesting feature of the automatic opp hot melt labeling machine is automatic detection which monitors the operation of the machine. It also features an automatic alarm detection system that prevents waste and leakage.

Once an abnormality in the labeling is noticed, the machine automatically stops, especially if it detects the absence of labels from the supply cabinet, or when the label is about to finish or even when there is a jam or falling of containers along the labeling line.



The design of the opp hot melt labeling machine by a professional and high experienced labeling machine manufacturer is usually meant to make bottle labeling very simple, fast, and cost-effective.

In fact, the enormous benefits of the opp hot melt labeling machine are better experienced than told, but you must ensure that you purchase one from a reliable labeling machine manufacturer.