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7 Reasons Why Your Food Business Should Use Shrink Wrapping Machinery

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You may have heard about the benefits of shrink packaging as packaging. This is great, but in case you dont have it, thats why shrink packaging is a good packaging choice.


We are one of the shrink wrapping machine manufacturers in China. Shrink packaging is a kind of plastic film packaging, regardless of shape or size, you can pack anything. It is the application of heat that shrinks this wrap to fit snugly around any object you want, and then seals itself.


If you run a food business, shrink packaging should be at the top of your list as a packaging option. These are some wonderful reasons why you should use shrink wrap on food!


1 Environmental protection

Perhaps the most critical point in our current climate is that shrink wrap is 100% recyclable. The LDPE level is also 4, which means that it is safe to contact with food. This means that shrink packaging can hold your food without seeping any harmful substances or allowing microorganisms to penetrate the packaging.


2 Durability

The durability of shrink packaging is one of its most outstanding qualities. It is very durable and tough plastic, which is impressive considering its thickness. After the shrink sleeve is heated, it will not loosen! Not only that, it will not weaken or become brittle no matter what temperature it is in. It will not tear or puncture, and is very suitable for transporting food.


3 Anti-tampering

Since shrink packaging can maintain its shape once heat is applied, it will be very obvious if the product is tampered with. Therefore, food companies and pharmaceutical companies use shrink packaging on their products as a means of monitoring safety and hygiene. Shrink packaging can also be used as a tamper-resistant packaging under another packaging.


4 Cost effective

When using shrink packaging as packaging, use only the absolute maximum amount required. This means that you will always only pay for the goods you use, and the service life of packaging shrink packaging is much longer than other packaging solutions.


This also means that using shrink packaging is an excellent way to reduce packaging waste. You can pack multiple things together by shrink packaging and save space.


high speed shrink wrapping machine



Waterproof packaging

No one wants moist food. Shrink packaging prevents its waterproof function from occurring. This not only means that shrink-wrapped food will stand still in bad weather, but it will also prevent other contaminants (such as dust, grease or even environmental pollution) from entering the food.



Brands are important to every company. The success of a product depends not only on the product itself. The way in which products are sold will play an important role in whether or not to choose ready-made products. This is a convenient place for shrink packaging. It is widely used for trademark purposes and labels for various reasons, including the above reasons. With shrink packaging, you can actually wrap the brand around the entire product.


If you want to start the business of shrinking food packaging and you are not sure about the shrink wrap machine price, If you encounter any problems about anything, please feel free to send us inquiry and we will do our best to assist you to solve the issue.