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Cause analysis and solution of common faults of sleeve labeling machine

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Sleeve labeling machines are widely used in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries and condiments, juices, injection needles, milk, refined oils, etc. Its excellent high-speed stability, unique smart design, and the safety model of human-machine harmony are gradually on the market. occupy an excellent position. The following is a brief introduction to the common failure cause analysis and solution description of the sleeve labeling machine.



Fault one: Causes of Center column:

1. If the control of the folded diameter and thickness of the membrane material is too large or too small, especially in the lower line of the standard size (smaller), it is more likely to cause the center column *.

2. The clamping point of the central column is too tight, causing the label to fail to pass through the central column.

3. When the edge of the cutter returns to the origin every time it rotates, it may stop in the groove of the center column, causing the film label to touch the blade and be damaged.

4. The groove of the center column may be "cut" by the cutter, resulting in the uneven surface of the center column and the unsmooth subscripts, resulting in a rash.

5. When the label is cut off, when it is waiting to be brushed off, the brushing wheel does not successfully insert the cut label into the bottle body, which produces a domino effect and reflects back to the center column*.

6. After replacing the new blade, the length is not enough, the label cannot be cut off and the sleeve cannot be brushed.


1. Effectively require label suppliers to do a good job in the control of the reduced diameter value and thickness value. The normal required reduced diameter is within ±0.5mm as the standard value, the thickness of the short label is not less than 0.035mm, and the thickness of the long label is not less than 0.045mm to be appropriate. The customer must be asked to provide the label folded diameter and thickness within the standard value for the sleeve labeling machine (you can consult Gaozhen Machinery if you do not understand).

2. Correctly adjust the strength of the upper and lower driving rubber wheels.

3. It is necessary to check whether the origin of the cutter is correct, and check the matching of the whole process control. Be sure to drive the next label within the effective time after the cutter leaves the center column, and the cutter should stop every time it rotates. Stay inside the cutter head and don't get too close to the center post groove to make sure it doesn't stick.

4. If there is a cut in the groove of the central column, it can be smoothed after the surface treatment.

5. To confirm whether the clamping contact between the brush lower wheelset and the center column is indeed not offset and whether the brush lower wheel is worn so that the force under the brush cannot evenly brush the label into the bottle body, otherwise, the label will be Causes a chain reaction to make the center column *.

6. Make sure that the length of each blade after the replacement is the same and can just cut off the label, please refer to the old blade before replacement.


Fault 2.  Causes of continuous subscript

1. The supporting shrapnel in the lower section of the central column is loose or broken.

2. The eye signal of the camera battery is abnormal.



1. Replace the shrapnel with a new one and adjust it to a suitable stretch to open the label.

2. Adjust the sensing position or sensitivity of the electric eye.


Fault 3.   Causes of the burrs 

Because most of the sleeve labeling machines on the market are designed with multiple knives, it is difficult to completely control the burrs.

1. The label is too large, and the deviation between the diameter of the center column and the folding diameter of the film material is too large.

2. The calibration leveling point of the cutter head is not on the line.

3. Inside the cutter head group, the gap between the groove of the eccentric shaft and the bottom of the cutter seat is too large, which causes the blade to be uneven.

4. The strength of the blade is not enough.


1. Do a good job in the control of the label size, and confirm that the label folding diameter matches the diameter of the center column.

2. Confirmation of flat point after blade replacement, and tightness control of lock blade.

3. Just replace the relevant parts inside the cutter set.

4. Replace the blade with a new one.


Fault 4. The blade cuts to the center column and the blade breaks

1. The position of the center column is not installed correctly, and the center column is not properly clamped when clamping the center column, which causes the center column to slide down during the sleeve labeling process, and the blade cuts to the center column and breaks the blade.

2. The blade is not locked, and there is a phenomenon of slipping off during operation, causing the blade to break.

3. The replaced blade is too long and touches the center column.


1. Correctly install the center column, and the driving rubber wheel should be clamped tightly to ensure that the center column does not deviate.

2. Regularly check whether the screws inside the cutter head group (such as the bottom of the cutter seat, the cutter seat, the thread of the cutter seat cover, etc.) are loose.

3. When replacing blades, make sure that all blade lengths are the same.


Fault 5. Bottle dumping alarm

1. If the bottle is overturned and covers the camera eye if the time for determining the bottle is over, an alarm will occur, please exclude the bottle.

2. There are other foreign objects covering the camera eye, please check and exclude foreign objects.

3. The reflector has deviated, so that there is no reflection source to return to the camera eye, please straighten the reflector.

In short, it is necessary to make sure that the battery eye is a green light signal, and it is projected to the reflector and reflected back.

If you don't know the reason for the failure of the sleeve labeling machine, please consult us and we will serve you wholeheartedly!