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What are the characteristics of carbonated beverage isobaric filling machines ?

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The features of the carbonated beverage equal pressure filling machine are as follows: 


    1, Material contact parts are made of stainless steel, no process dead ends, easy to clean the whole machine using human-machine interface touch screen button, PLC computer control, with a lack of lid, overload protection alarm device, can be timely detection and troubleshooting, high degree of production automation, torque type screw cap head, to achieve the grasp cap, screw cap. The screwing torque is steplessly adjustable, the seal is tight and reliable, and the cap is not hurt.


    2, In order to meet the process requirements of high-temperature sterilization of users, the PCL programmable controller is adopted to realize the fully automatic control from the bottle into the machine to the completion of packaging. The design can be changed according to the different bottle quality, bottle type, and capacity to meet the needs of production, and some seals are made of heat-resistant rubber to meet the high-temperature sterilization process requirements of users.


   e whole machine adopts touch screen control of human-machine interface, PLC computer program control, frequency converter control, and other *advanced technology. With automatic control of the cap supply system, automatic detection of filling temperature, high-temperature material alarm, low-temperature stop, and automatic reflow, no bottle does not add a cap, lack of bottle waiting, lack of cap stop, and other functions.