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Do you know main equipment of tea beverage filling line ?

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The tea beverage filling line adopts a new micro-pressure filling, which makes the filling speed faster and more stable, so the output of this machine is higher and the benefit is greater compared with the same specification machine. The whole machine integrates the functions of rinsing, filling, and capping in one, which is the ideal equipment for the production of mineral water, distilled water, and pure water. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. The main electrical components are SIEMENS and OMRON products, and the air circuit system is imported AirTAC products.

The main structure of the tea beverage filling production line and the contact part of the rinsing medium and the external shield are all made of stainless steel, with open gear transmission. New stainless steel clamp, simple structure, easy adjustment; less contact area with the bottle mouth, effectively avoiding secondary pollution of the bottle mouth, the filling part realizes filling the material into the washed bottle sent over by the flushing machine. Adopting the way of pressure filling negative pressure type reflux, the filling is fast and sensitive, with high precision of filling liquid level. There is no spring inside the valve, so the material is not in contact with the spring, which is convenient for cleaning inside the valve. In order to ensure the filling process and filling temperature, the filling valve is in a micro reflux state when there is no bottle or shutdown. There is a positive and negative cap separation device at the outlet, when the negative cap passes, the cap automatically falls into the return pipe, and the negative cap is automatically blown into the hopper by the wind.

Filling head, inlet, and outlet pipeline adopt quick joint, easy to dismantle and clean. It adopts a two-stage automatic filling method with high accuracy. When the filling head is not inserted into the barrel and touches the mouth of the barrel, the gun is automatically lifted and the filling head is automatically closed and raised when it reaches the filling target value. The inspection method of the tea beverage filling production line can be manually adjusted to check the good and bad and action reliability, the cylinder is mainly checked for air leakage and stagnation, the solenoid valve can be manually forced to act to determine whether the electromagnetic coil is burned and valve blockage, the electrical part may be checked against the input and output signal indicators, such as checking whether the switch components are damaged, whether the line is disconnected, and whether the output components are working normally. The motor and housing must be grounded, and the zero and ground wires are separated, and the power inlet line of this machine must be introduced by the leakage switch, and the pneumatic lubricant is required to extend the service life of the cylinder.