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Principle and Characteristics of the non-gas filling and sealing machines

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The non-gas filling and sealing machine set is suitable for adding soup and sealing of non-gas drinks and cans such as juice drinks, tea drinks, protein drinks, and canned food with easy-pull cans (tinplate) as the outer packaging material. The production capacity is 50-250 cans per minute, which is the product of beverage factories and canned food factories with a certain scale.

The whole machine is divided into two stations of filling and sealing. The filling is by atmospheric pressure filling method, the liquid level is controlled by the principle of constant liquid level filling, material temperature is applicable to room temperature filling or high-temperature filling; sealing is by double rollers progressive type of secondary sealing.

Equipment principle:

The cans are conveyed by the inlet screw and then rotated into the filling machine under the drive of the inlet dial. The can-holding device of the filling machine takes the cans to open the filling valve under the action of the cam, and the materials flow into the cans from the filling barrel, after the filling process is finished, the cans are taken out of the filling machine by the hook chain to the lower cover mechanism, and the proximity switch of the lower cover mechanism detects the cans and then the covers are sent to the can-sealing machine under the drive of the dial synchronously. The can seal machine is driven by the can tray to seal the cans, and the can sealing is finished by the can tray to take the sealed cans out to the can conveyor and pull them away.


Equipment features: 

  1. The head sealing machine adopts a double-axis structure - the feeding amount of the first and second rollers can be adjusted and controlled separately.

  2. Heavy-duty bearings are used in the whole machine assembly; imported bearings are used for key heavy load parts, which lengthens the service life and stability of the equipment.

  3. Beautiful appearance, stable operation, and low noise of the vapor-free filling and sealing unit, which is the current filling and sealing equipment for easy-to-open cans.

  4. Convenient operation: the production speed can be set by itself on the touch screen according to the requirements, all common faults are automatically alarmed and the corresponding location of the cause of the fault is given, and according to the severity of the fault, the PLC automatically determines whether the main machine can continue to run or stop.

  5. Automatic cleaning function: This machine can add the following functions according to the customer's needs: ① the filling machine barrel can achieve down feeding; ② the material cylinder and filling valve can achieve CIP automatic cleaning.