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Features of rotary hot melt glue adhesive labeling machine

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OPP rotary hot melt adhesive labeling machine, continuous operation labeling new labeling machine, mainly used for washing, beverage, mineral water, food, etc. each OPP, pearl film, composite paper and other rolled material labels of cylindrical shape bottle hot melt adhesive labeling, the use of OPP film and other new environmentally friendly materials, the maximum lower production costs, saving to more than 30%; at the same time the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials is packaging Industry development of a trend, labeling using servo motor drive control, all-electric eyes are imported from Japan photoelectric, configuration, PLC human-machine interface. Labeling speed, high degree, stable performance, easy to operate, beautiful and flat appearance. 



  Machine features.


  1. The whole machine frame using 304 stainless steel, steel structure is stable and rust-free.


  2. The whole machine mold adopts a quick-disassembly structure, easy to replace and adjust.


  3. Simple and convenient centralized lubrication system can be more efficient in equipment maintenance.


  4. Photoelectric sensing device can detect the output of the label and can automatically adjust the speed to maintain the coordination of equipment operation.


  5. Using a stable program composition, can adapt to full-time 24-hour work. The device is equipped with a stable program composition and can be adapted to work 24 hours a day.


  6. The working method is rotary bottle inlet and outlet, with torque limiter to reduce the danger of the operator in case of abnormal sensing.


  7. Knurling type glue application, uniform glue application effect and save glue consumption.


  8. Alarm system: warning light & buzzer, shortage of material, broken label, open the door; label cutting system: using multi-processing processing label cutting mechanism, durable.


  9. The whole machine production speed out of the bottle signal control, automatic variable speed, the backchannel Duping speed reduction, the backchannel no bottle speed up.


  10. The whole machine production speed into the bottle signal control, automatic variable speed, the front channel blocking bottle speed, the front channel no bottle speed down.