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What testing should be done before the application of the beverage filling machine ?

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Driven by modern science and technology, the technological level of beverage filling machines has been significantly improved. Under the urgent market needs of different industries, the type of equipment is not singular. It has different types and has involved many functions. The industry has become a piece of indispensable filling equipment for beverage production. In the application of this equipment, its cleaning is particularly critical. Cleaning the equipment on time can avoid equipment corrosion and reduce the equipment failure rate.


In order to ensure that the beverage filling machine can run smoothly and efficiently, the manufacturer of the equipment will test the equipment before leaving the factory. The key indicators of the equipment should be tested first, and the components of the equipment should be checked. Is it normal? The device can be put into operation only after the specific testing and running before the application of the device is completed. Then, what testing should be done before the application of the device?



   1. Check the cooling water tank of the beverage filling machine and confirm that there is sufficient water in the water tank.


  2. Turn on the cooling water of the vacuum pump circulating water pump to provide sufficient cooling water.


  3. Before turning on the pump, close the valve of the vacuum pump first, and then slowly turn it on to allow it to rise.


  4. Turn on the cooling water circulation system to keep the cooling water level at the centerline of the cooler mirror and start to circulate.


  5. The pump cannot be turned on idling. First, use water to circulate between the sterilizer and the flash evaporator. After heating for a certain period of time, the temperature rises before feeding.


  6. ​​Check whether the vacuum gauge of the beverage filling machine is at the zero position and the ports of the pumps, whether the ports of the sterilizer are connected, and whether there is loose dew on the ports. After checking that there is no problem, proceed to the next stage of operation.


  7. Turn on the feed pump and flasher discharge pump of the equipment to keep the liquid level in the flasher below the centerline of the sight glass until the liquid level is stable, then proceed to the next step.


   8. During the ascending process, due to the influence of the vacuum pump on the discharge pump of the flash evaporator, the discharge is reduced, and the liquid level rises to reduce the inlet of the four-stage equipment to make the liquid level stable.