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How to do the maintenance of edible oil filling machine ?

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Edible oil filling machine adopts micro-electronics technology and liquid flow metering control technology, etc. It adopts electronic horizontal components to control filling, with strong anti-interference ability and high filling precision. In addition, it adopts intelligent double flow rate filling technology to ensure that the material liquid is filled without bubbling and overflowing, while the adoption of an anti-drip oil nozzle and vacuum back-absorbing technology solves the problem of oil dripping from the oil nozzle at the end of edible oil filling, which not only reduces the waste of material liquid but also makes the finished product free from the pollution of filling residue.


  Edible oil filling machine maintenance work

  1. Edible oil filling machine has strict requirements for the placement of the environment, to ensure that the humidity in the room is moderate, ventilation and hygiene, and cleanliness, because the filling machine is, after all, mechanical equipment, and raw materials are some steel electromechanical and so on, placed in a humid environment is easy to rust, while the closed environment is not conducive to equipment in the process of operation of heat dissipation.

  2. Every day before going to work observe the pneumatic combination of the moisture filter and oil fogger, such as excessive water accumulation should be promptly excluded, and the oil surface is not enough should be timely refueled.

  3. Before use to ensure that the power supply is normal, voltage instability on the damage caused by the machinery is quite large.

  4. Edible oil filling machine before the operation to non-woven soft cloth with detergent to wipe off oil or dirt, and then wipe dry, after use to remove all the remaining materials to prevent material corrosion equipment, and scrub clean.

  5. The reducer motor is replaced annually with lubricating oil (grease), check the chain looseness, and adjust the tension in time.

  6. Regularly carry out a major cleanup of the machine. Many companies will be in the fall of each year on machinery and equipment into major maintenance.

  7. Regularly in the filling machine mechanical components are positioned to add lubricating oil and reduce friction resistance so that the mechanical operation of more rapid.

  8. Periodically clean up the invisible dust and garbage in the machine box.

  9. Edible oil filling machine sensors are high-precision, high-sealing, high-sensitivity devices, impact and overload are strictly prohibited, no contact during the work, and non-overhaul needs are not allowed to disassemble.