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Juice filling machine operation points

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The juice filling machine must be kept clean, and the filling utensils used need to be cleaned up through strict and regular inspection, so as not to make the filling of drinks after the environment; maintaining a tidy environment in the filling production plant is also very necessary. As in the production process, in which health drink production manufacturers avoid the production line can not operate properly because of their own product quality problems, and therefore in the application of sterilization, to ensure clean, ultra-low temperature filling.


  The main points of operation of the juice-filling machine are as follows.


  1、The original water filtration. First need to go through the activated carbon filter, and then through the microporous filtration. Activated carbon filtration is mainly used for organic impurities in water and molecular colloidal micro-particle impurities in water, as well as the removal of foreign colors, odors, etc. in clear water.


  2、Blending tank blending. The blending tank sub-cylinder, cylinder cover, stirring paddle, inlet, and outlet valve are made of SUS304 or 316 stainless steel, according to the technical conditions, the inner surface mirror polishing to Ra ≤ 0.28μm, the outer surface polishing matte, mirror, sandblasting or cold-rolled original color matte, the tank has a stirring paddle, playing a starring role.


  3、Ozone sterilization. The so-called ozone sterilizer the uses ozone's strong oxidizing properties and achieve the purpose of sterilization. Ozone is a strong oxygen agent, its sterilization effect is 15-30 times higher than chlorine, the role of 5-10min at a certain concentration, ozone on a variety of bacteria can achieve the degree of sterilization.


  4、Filling. A filling machine is widely used for aseptic packaging of fluid food such as fruit juice, fruit pulp, and jam. At room temperature, the product can be stored for more than a year, which can save the cost and risk of low-temperature refrigerated transportation. Directly connected to the sterilizer, it can be filled directly after sterilization.


  5、Packaging inspection. Packaging inspection is based on the contract, standards, and other relevant provisions, the commodity packaging, and packaging markings for inspection. Packaging inspection first checks the outer packaging on the commodity packaging mark (mark, number, etc.) is consistent with the trade contract. The main test of goods is whether the outer packaging is intact, packaging materials, packaging, and padding trade matters such as whether the requirements of the contract. The outer packaging of the damaged goods is to be additionally inspected for damage, to identify the responsible party and the extent of damage to the goods.


  6、Finished products. Finished products require intact packaging, no extrusion, or damage, and the date, text, pictures, and bar codes on the outer packaging need to be clearly visible, after inspection of the finished product can be shipped out of the juice factory.