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How to improve the water purification effect of automatic pure water production line?

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The main machine of the automatic pure water production line can be composed of a bottom plate frame, glass enclosure, bottle washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, main motor drive, star wheel drive, star wheel shaped plate, cap manager, lower cap slot, cap divider and electrical control system and other components. The bottles are passed through the air conveyor and then transferred to the bottle punching machine of the three-in-one machine through the bottle dial star wheel. The bottle puncher is equipped with bottle clamps on the rotary plate, which hold the bottle opening and flip it 180° along a rail so that the bottle opening is down. In the specific area of the flushing machine, the flushing water is sprayed from the nozzle of the flushing clamp to rinse the inner wall of the bottle.


After rinsing and draining, the bottle is held by the bottle clamp and then turned 180° along the guide rail so that the bottle mouth is up. The washed bottles are exported by the bottle flusher and transferred to the filling machine through the bottle paddle star wheel. The bottles entering the filling machine are caught by the restraining pallet and are raised by the cam, followed by the bottle opening to open the filling valve. The filling is done by gravity filling. After the filling valve is opened, the material passes through the filling valve to complete the filling process. After the filling is finished, the bottle mouth drops away from the filling valve and the bottle enters the capping machine through the card-bound transition paddle wheel. The capping machine has a stop-rotation knife stuck on the obstacle part to keep the bottle upright and prevent rotation.


  Reasons for poor water purification effect of automatic pure water production line.


  1. In terms of the ash removal system. If this joint section error, no matter what kind of production process you use to produce water will not reach the qualified level, which is a home condition that jeopardizes the efficacy.


  2. In terms of operating procedures, water purification equipment water purification is certain based on the needs of water purification, it is for certain macromolecules or ions contained in the water, the industry's different conditions of use may have different needs, which is also a competitive factor that jeopardizes the effectiveness.


  3. The production of higher purity can demand higher water, then is able to produce water in line with the demand, external also may not be able to keep the water clean state conditions. After the production of water is likely to be used for dirty equipment and affect the quality of the output water.