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How to maintain the automatic mineral water filling machine?

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How to maintain the automatic mineral water filling machine to extend the service life

Automatic mineral water filling machine is simpler and more convenient in terms of using operation, precision error, loading adjustment, equipment cleaning, and maintenance. It is widely used in various industries such as daily chemicals, oil, and grease, and can fill different high viscosity fluids. The machine is compact and reasonable in design, simple and beautiful in appearance, and easy to adjust the filling volume. The machine body is made of stainless steel and other parts are made of non-toxic and durable combination materials. The electrical and pneumatic systems are made of imported components, so the equipment has a low failure rate and high reliability.


The process flow of automatic mineral water filling machine: automatic cap pulling machine → automatic barrel brushing machine → automatic barrel loading machine → automatic rinsing and disinfection → automatic filling → automatic cap management, capping, capping → light inspection → automatic heat shrinkable film → automatic bagging (including conveyor belt).


Equipment is also the same as people, need the usual "health care" in order to slow down the "aging". Remember not to let the automatic mineral water filling machine work for a long time, which will cause serious damage, do not rush because of the progress, damage to the equipment, it will not be worth the loss! We will talk about how to maintain the automatic mineral water filling machine today, in order to extend his service life?


  1. The motor needs to be replaced regularly with lubricant.


  2. Daily shutdown after the timely cleaning of residual materials, good cleaning and sanitation work, keep the machine surface clean, by paying attention to keep the electrical control cabinet inside the clean. When cleaning the motor and line parts need to be kept dry, wipe clean with a rag.


  3. The sensor is a high-precision, high sealing, high sensitivity devices, impact, and overload is strictly prohibited, the work process shall not touch, non-overhaul needs are not allowed to disassemble.


  4. Filling machine operation is strictly prohibited to move, collision, need to be careful not to collide with the original machine when moving.


  5. Long-term stop use to empty the pipeline material. Long-term stop use is better to clean and dry the inside of the outside of the machine after boxing and storage.


  6. Every day before starting the machine to check the pneumatic combination of two parts of the moisture considerer and oil mist, such as excessive water should be promptly removed, the oil surface is not enough to fill the lubricant, generally, every six months need to refill the lubricant, the specific operation depends on the situation.


  7. Check whether the grounding wire contact of the filling equipment is solid, check whether the pneumatic pipeline is leaking, whether the air pressure is stable, whether the motor chain is appropriate.


  8. To frequently observe the mechanical parts to see if their operation is normal, lifting, turning whether there are abnormalities, and often check the machine screws, generally every week for the screws to twist tightening reinforcement.


From the maintenance and repair of the filling machine, it is easy to see that this equipment can greatly enhance the production of products to guarantee, and can effectively ensure the quality and safety of the product packaging machine, effectively promote the ability to protect the product, providing consumers with more material enjoyment, the future will play a greater role.