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What are the common failures of beverage filling machine ?

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Filling machine is very widely used, commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical, and daily chemical industries, due to the production of a variety of products, however, if there is a failure in the production of the time, it will bring the production of the impact can not be underestimated. So companies need to know more about the possible situation of machinery and how to cope with the knowledge. Will be able to ensure that the filling machine more, high quality, low-cost to complete the production.

Beverage filling machine common failures occur, we must immediately solve the difficulties. If we have a problem with the application of a beverage filling machine in the whole process, a good solution is to stop using it. Many people are not technical professionals maintenance personnel, they are likely to the actual difficulties do not understand how to deal with, to deal with this type of situation, just can be discontinued, which is the maintenance of machinery and equipment, otherwise many of the difficulties will be more serious.


Common failures of beverage filling machines are as follows:

1, Filling machine in the filling volume is not allowed or not out of the material the cause of such failures, filling equipment commonly used in the speed throttle valve and filling interval throttle valve is closed, the throttle valve can not be closed. At the same time fast-fill tee control valve whether there is a foreign body inside, if so, please clean up, fast-fill tee control valve and filling mechanical head of the skin tube whether there is air, if there is air, try to reduce or eliminate the air. If delayed open, need to adjust the thin cylinder throttle valve. Quick-release three-way control valve within the upper and lower compression spiral spring elasticity, adjust the spring force, the elasticity is too large check valve will not open.


2, Barrel filling machine material from the back end of the material cylinder for the following reasons, filling machinery in the material cylinder whether the central position in the material cylinder bracket, material cylinder if there is a movement please reinstall the position. At the same time the material cylinder piston and the piston rod are fastened, if there is a loose please lock tight. And check whether the material cylinder piston O-ring seal is damaged, if there is damage, please replace it.


3, Barrel filling machine material cylinder piston pushed to the top does not return for the following reasons: the location of the flow magnetic switch, press the emergency stop switch, re-adjust the flow magnetic switch.