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How to maintain the life of juice beverage production line will be longer ?

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The length of the trial of the juice beverage production line depends on the usual use and after use, how to properly maintain and maintenance, and the juice beverage production line is the production process for the common packaging machinery, and expensive, if the frequent failure will certainly cause losses to the production enterprises so that the juice beverage production line daily maintenance is particularly important.



The parts of the juice beverage production line are tightened; the size of the machine is adjusted according to the size of the package; the parts are regularly lubricated at the joints. The important thing is that in the change of season, companies should re-clean the machine thoroughly, and the preservation supporting facilities should be absolutely sealed, and also make the whole machine in a dry environment to ensure that the juice beverage production line is not corroded by liquids and so on. Before operating the juice beverage production line, you must read the manual in detail, be familiar with the adjustment and use methods, and be sure to operate according to the instructions. According to the manual of the juice beverage production line, the vacuum pump should be regularly maintained and refueled (pay attention to keeping the oil level), and strict attention should be paid to not allowing the pump to be reversed, so as not to cause misoperation of the pump and pump reversal, and oil spraying backward to the vacuum system in the pump. Regularly check whether there is any foreign matter on the sealing cloth (PTFE) of the lower hot press frame and whether it is flat to ensure the sealing strength. Often check whether the machine grounding is in good contact to ensure the safety of electricity. When the juice beverage production line failure is found, the power should be turned off in a timely manner, if necessary, to connect the emergency stop button, to be deflated and lift the cover, and then turn off the voltage, check the cause and troubleshoot.


Some perishable packages need to be packed in an absolute vacuum environment, otherwise, the damage to the product is immeasurable. It is important to maintain the juice beverage production line during the change of season. If the wrong way of preservation causes the machine to be unable to continue to use, it will greatly affect the production of the enterprise. When the juice beverage production line is purchased, the whole machine should be checked, especially when the machine is easy to tighten and lubricate during the break-in period, so it should be checked and maintained in time.