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Answers to the problem of automatic filling machine not discharging and discharging slowly

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With the development of modern times, the original manual operation can no longer meet the needs of modern times. The automatic filling machine equipment has become the mainstream of the development of my country's production enterprises. Due to the extensive use of automatic filling machines, various strange problems have also appeared, no material and slow discharge are two problems that users are particularly concerned about

1. What should I do if there is no material during filling?

1. First check if there is any product in the hopper, if not, please add it,

Note: The product in the hopper should not be less than one-tenth, if the filling continues, it will affect the filling accuracy.

2. Check whether the filling liner is blocked, there are two types of blockage,

(1) After the filling machine has finished filling the product at one time, it has not been cleaned for a long time.

(2) There is debris in the product, which adheres to the piston of the inner box, resulting in a poor sealing effect.

In the above two cases, please clean up in time to avoid damage to the piston.

3. The sealing ring on the cylinder liner piston has been damaged, please replace it. The part under the hopper that sends the product to the filling nozzle is called the liner.

Second, the reason for the slow discharge:

1. Are the speed throttle and fueling interval throttle closed? The throttle valve cannot be closed.

2. Is there any foreign matter in the quick-installed three-way control valve? If yes, please clean up. Is there air in the dermis tube of the quick-fit 3-way control valve and filler head?

3. Whether the valve core of the filling nozzle of the automatic filling machine is blocked or delayed in opening. If it is blocked, the valve core should be repositioned from the beginning. If the opening needs to be delayed, a thin cylinder throttle valve needs to be allocated.

4. The quick-install three-way control valve has elastic force, which can tighten the spiral tension spring up and down in the valve. If the elastic force is too large, the check valve will not be opened. Is the filling speed too fast? Schedule the refueling speed throttle and reduce the refueling speed.

5. Is it possible to seal all the clips and hose clamps? If there are, please correct them.