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The 10 years with you, Go on the way!

We celebrated our 10th annuel meeting in Guomao Hotel on Jan 14,2020, in Zhangjiagang.

In the meeting, Mr. Zhang xing, Chairman of Paima delivered a speech. He Summarized the achievement we made in 2019, and set the New year's goal.

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He says "Look back on the past 10 years, Paima company has grown up, from the 7 people at the beginneing to 70 peoples now, During the period we have known many friends, we have many stories and we made a good achievement. Thank all the clients, friends, and all the people who we met and work with." 


In this years meeting, Paima provided abundant prize and dinner. The most excited moment was the time waiting for announcing the award. All the staff and partner enjoyed a happy party.


Wish Paima another wonderful 10 years! Wish you are always with us.