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Why has the Capacity to Print & Apply Labels Made Such a Huge Difference?

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Printing and labeling of packaging materials for finished products have made such great difference in the manufacturing industry especially in the food production niche. One of the areas that labeling has made huge difference is in marketing. This is because the packaging process enables the identification of products which is an essential feature in marketing. Printing and labeling of products enhances the label appearance and helps to promote the product. It is easier for a customer that works into the retail store such as the supermarket to make purchases when they can easily identify the identity and even the price tag on an item. 

Printing and labeling of products have helped in providing convenience and information transmission on the usage, transportation, recycling and disposal of packaged product. 

For products that are contained in bottles, special bottle labeling machines are used in tagging the bottles and providing identity to the product. 

In addition to providing identity of a specific product, labeling helps to provide the basic information about a certain product so that it becomes easier for a customer to identify and make their choices. Labels on a product can occur as stickers on inedible products. This is used to provide basic info about the food items such as the components and the ingredients. For labeling of thin plastic films, the shrink sleeve equipment is quite indispensable. 

Now, there are different types of labeling in marketing thus;

Branded product labeling

Here, the product undergoes branding which helps in identifying the product. This has helps different companies in building brands for their products. 

The two branded label types include the non-removable labels and the removable labels. While the non-removable labels are stuck or bonded permanently to the product and difficult to remove, the removable labels are adhered to the product until there is need for them to be removed.

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Information labels

They are used on consumer products which include the FMCGs and other foodstuff. One great thing about the information labels is that they provide more detailed information about a specific product such as the ingredients, the storage conditions and more. 

An automatic labeling machine will enable a more efficient packaging process. With great innovations in the manufacturing and packaging industries, it is easier to meet up with the growing demands from global customers on the need to properly identify products. 

The bottom line is that printing and labeling has greatly impacted the food production industry as well as other niche that engages in different forms of product packaging. One of the significant impacts that printing and labels has had is in the area of marketing. They have helped tremendously in enabling customers to conveniently identify products. They have helped customers to gain more knowledge and information about a specific product. Also, they have helped companies in building brands for their products which is essential for any firm that wants to stand out in the ever increasing competitive market.