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Talk About The Development and Application of Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine

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In the development of filling machines, with the continuous improvement of the overall technology of machinery and equipment, the degree of automation began to get higher and higher, the equipment is becoming more and more automated, intelligent and diversified, which is what we call adapting to the requirements of the market in order to take the path of development of colleges and universities. A variety of high-end production technology continues to enter the domestic market, so that the whole market has undergone great changes, at the same time, so that the filling machine in terms of quality, performance, technology, efficiency and other aspects of a great improvement, a variety of changes not only make the filling machine has become the main theme of scientific development, but also better meet the needs of the market, to achieve a higher level of development.


The filling series equipment produced by Paima Packaging is used for the production of various carbonated beverages in polyester bottles. Bottle punching, filling, and capping are realized on one machine. The whole machine has a scientific and reasonable design, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, and a high degree of automation. The machine adopts Italian and German technology. Fast filling speed and stable liquid level control. Such as no filling when there is no bottle, flushing, or filling when the bottle burst will automatically close the filling valve. Adopt oil nylon gear transmission, low noise, the whole machine runs smoothly. Adopt magnetic torque type cap unscrewing head to realize cap grasping and cap unscrewing function. The cap screwing torque is steplessly adjustable, with the function of constant torque screwing and sealing plastic caps, sealing tightly. The horizontal rotary pneumatic capping device has the function of not damaging the surface of the cap and automatically replenishing the cap by signaling the lack of cap in the hopper.


The filling machine of aerated beverage adopts the advanced Japanese Mitsubishi programmable controller (PLC) to control the automatic operation of the machine, and the bottle feeding chain adopts the wind feed, which cooperates with the frequency converter of the main machine to make the bottle feeding operation more stable and reliable. Optical detection of the operating condition of each component, so a high degree of automation, easy to operate. On the basis of this, the sealing method can be optional with an aluminum metal anti-theft cap and plastic cap. It is the ideal choice for beverage manufacturers. The gear work is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which will not be easily oxidized by air. After the machine is used for a certain period of time and the lubricant is consumed, the machine can be restored to its original efficiency by opening the cover under the filling machine, finding the corresponding oil channel, and filling the oil channel with the lubricant in quantitative quantities, then turning on the machine and letting the turbine rotate.