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Process technology description of reverse osmosis pure water production line

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Reverse osmosis pure water production line process is mainly used to improve the water quality, can effectively reduce the pollution of membrane elements, extend the service life, pretreatment is mainly to remove impurities such as microorganisms, bacteria, colloids, organic matter, heavy metal ions, solid particles and free chlorine in the feed water. To meet the requirements of the reverse osmosis device feed water, to ensure the long-term stable operation of the reverse osmosis membrane system.


  Reverse osmosis pure water production line process technology description


  1、Pure water production equipment plant quartz sand filter


  Quartz sand filter mainly removes suspended matter, colloid, sediment, clay, rotten plants, particulate matter, and other impurities in water, reduces the turbidity of the water, achieves the purpose of water clarification, and protects the reverse osmosis membrane.


  2、Pure water purification equipment activated carbon filter


  Activated carbon filter mainly uses activated carbon surface has a large number of functional groups such as hydroxyl and carboxyl groups, which can chemically adsorb substances of various natures to remove odor, organic matter, colloid, iron, and residual chlorine in water, and at the same time reduce the chromaticity and turbidity of water and reduce the pollution of reverse osmosis.


  3、Automatic softening device


  Use the sodium ion on the ion exchange resin to exchange the calcium and magnesium ions in the water to reduce the hardness of the water, while regenerating the ion exchange resin with table salt.


  4、Security filter


  The 5-micron polypropylene winding fiber cartridge is used as the filter element, mainly to remove the particles larger than 5 microns that are not removed from the pretreatment system, and to retain the filter material lost from the pre-treatment, so as to protect the RO membrane from contamination. Whether the cartridge can reach normal use conditions will affect the normal working conditions of the membrane.


  5、Reverse osmosis system


  The system includes high-pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane, membrane shell, cleaning system and related pipes, valves, measuring instruments, etc. The desalination rate of reverse osmosis primary is above 98%, and the conductivity of reverse osmosis produced water is less than 20μS/cm.