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The development and notes of 3 in 1 filling machines

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    With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's demand for beverages and daily chemical products is increasing, enterprises continue to develop, the use of beverage filling machines, bottle brushing machines and bottle punching machines are also increasing, filling machines should be noted in the use of increasingly acute problems, therefore, in order to better production of enterprises, the maintenance of its work is still very necessary. The whole machine adopts the structure of a hanging card bottle mouth conveyor so that the whole line conveying bottles is more reliable. Different bottle types only need to adjust the height of the conveyor belt and a small number of change accessories, replacing the bottle type more quickly and effortlessly; filling machine adopts the principle of micro-negative pressure filling, filling the number of degrees faster, higher precision, adjustable liquid level.


  Precautions are needed before use.


  1. Install and then debug, read the manual carefully before debugging and prepare the tools used.


  2. After the installation of the filling machine, bottle brushing machine, and bottle punching machine, the filling track and bottle catching plate is adjusted to the level, the liquid storage barrel is full of materials, and all electrical switches are in the off position.


  3. Insert the filled containers into the workbox, connect the external power supply, the power socket must be a three-pronged socket with a reliable grounding wire to prevent the machine case from leaking and hitting people, turn the machine power switch to ON, and the power indicator light will be on.


  4. The filling frame support plate will be topped by the filling frame, move the positioning sleeve on the filling head upward with your finger, the positioning sleeve should be able to move up and down flexibly, in which the filling needle is exposed or retracted into the unobstructed.


  5. The switch below the liquid storage barrel is set to the open position so that the material can flow into the total metering pump. According to the total amount of each container filling, adjust the screw on the crank and turn the knob of the filling speed board to about 20 degrees, and then set the switch on the filling speed board to the open position.


  6. When the liquid flowing out from the filling head is set quantitatively, tighten the liquid volume trimmer nut, cover the filling headshell and loosen the filling frame support plate.