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Installation and maintenance of mineral water filling machines

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  A mineral water filling machine is a mineral water production process that can not be missing a class of equipment, the installation and maintenance of this equipment are particularly critical, will directly affect its application effect. Then it should be how to install and maintain it?


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  First, the installation of equipment




  Pre-understanding is to prepare for the installation, according to the supplier to provide the planning scheme, photos, videos, and other information to understand the composition and operation of mineral water filling machine, beforehand to do a good job of water, electricity, gas and other corresponding preparatory work.


  2、Equipment installation


  Equipment installation includes location placement, equipped with power, equipped with gas, equipped with water, in the installation process is mainly to emphasize the following aspects.


  (1) First, according to the itemized list provided by the supplier, verify the integrity of the equipment and parts.


  (2) After the equipment is docked, the equipment needs to be leveled and the footpads stuck tight to reduce the vibration of the equipment.


  (3) the power supply needs to be safely grounded, the gas source required at 0.4-0.6mpa, to maintain the stability of the gas source, water intake, and drainage system is stable and reliable, safe and sanitary.


  (4) mineral water filling machine installation, the equipment supplier will arrange for a sales service technician to guide and train, in the process need to record the relevant notes, beneficial to the processing of later equipment maintenance.


  Second, Equipment Maintenance


  1, before the operation of the equipment carefully read the manual provided by the supplier and the notes during installation, to understand the principle of the equipment, familiar with the mode of operation and adjustment methods.


  2, to ensure that the supply of water, electricity, and gas systems are safe and stable, the need to have a backup plan that should be against sudden abnormalities; and timely inspection of the above system.


  3, mineral water filling machine in the break-in period is very easy in the fastening, lubrication, and other aspects of omissions, so timely inspection and maintenance.


  4、Found that when the equipment fails, should promptly press the emergency stop button switch, if necessary, power off, check the cause and solve the fault.


  5、The equipment has strict requirements for the operating environment and needs to be cleaned before the end of each day to keep the equipment dry and sanitary.


  6、Restart the mineral water filling machine does not run for a long time before, you need to carefully and carefully check the water, electricity, gas system in place, the tightening of parts, transmission system lubrication, and replacement of wearing parts; first slow airlift for a certain period of time before trying a product.