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The working principle of purified water filling machine

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As people's awareness of health and environmental protection increases, pure water has become one of the main drinking water in modern people's daily life. Pure water filling machine is mainly used to produce, process, package and sell pure water. It is mainly composed of automatic filling system, automatic sealing system, automatic labeling system and control system. It can perform automatic filling, automatic sealing and automatic labeling operations for bottles of different sizes to achieve efficient and accurate production and packaging.


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  The working principle of purified water filling machine is as follows.


  1、Bottle conveying: sending empty bottles to the filling position of the filling machine through the conveying system.


  Filling: the pure water is filled into the bottles through the filling system, where the filling volume can be adjusted by the control system.


  2、Sealing: The filled bottles are sealed through the sealing system to ensure the hygiene and safety of pure water.


  3、Labeling: The sealed bottles are labeled through the labeling system, which is convenient for consumers to identify and purchase.


  4、Discharge bottles: The sealed and labeled bottles are sent to the packaging area through the conveying system for the next step of packaging and sales.

The pure water filling machine adopts automatic control system to realize the automatic processing of filling, sealing and labeling operations. Adopting a high-precision filling system, it can realize precise control of filling volume. It can realize high speed filling and improve production efficiency. Adopting compact structure design, small footprint, easy to move and install, suitable for different sizes of bottles, it can realize automatic filling, sealing, labeling and other operations for different sizes of bottles. Mainly used in the production, processing, packaging and sales of pure water, its specific applications include


  1、Pure water production line: It can be used as an important equipment in the pure water production line for filling, sealing, labeling and other operations.


  2、Beverage production line: It can be used for the pure water filling process in the beverage production line to ensure the hygiene and safety of beverages.


  3、Packaging plant: It can be used in the filling process in the packaging plant to achieve efficient, accurate and hygienic filling of pure water.