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What are the Different Types of Labeling Machines?

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Labeling machines have helped reduce the amount of effort & time it takes for companies to label any product that they are selling. With the market of labeling machines getting bigger and more innovative, there are now different types of labeling machines available in the market. 

If you are looking for more information on the different types of labeling machines available in the market, look no further. We have briefly detailed the different types of labeling machines available in the market right now. 

Here are the different types of labeling machines:

Wrap-around labeling machines

Wrap-around labeling machines are machines that are used to instantly print wraps that can be bent. The most common example of this are automatic bottle labeling machines that bottle companies use. For example, Coca Cola. The wrap around Coca Cola is done through a wrap-around labeling machine. 

These machines usually use a little adhesive on each end of the rim for proper sticking. 

Most wrap-around labeling machines are able to print well over 200 units per minute. This heavily depends on the size of the product, but most bottles are made with the same size in mind.  

Side-labeling machines

One of the most popular shrink wrap label machines are side-labeling machines. These machines are used to print side-labels for products. A good example of this is in the food industry. For example, fruits and vegetables that are sold in super stores or megastores use side-labels for displaying their products. 

pe film shrink wrapping machine.png

Top & bottom labeling machines

Machines that are very similar to side-labeling machines, but print the top and bottom of the product instead are called top and bottom labeling machines.  Fun fact: most of the label making machine manufacturers actually use a top and bottom labeling machine to print the labels for these machines that are then sent to manufacturers.  These machines are also used for packing luxury items like mobile phones, and other accessories that sell for a healthy premium. 

Top & bottom labeling machines can print around 250 units per minute, depending on the size of the unit. 

Seal labeling machines

For products that have to be sealed by the company, seal labeling machines are used to print different seals. These pages are oftentimes covered with adhesive because the seals are made of plastic most of the time. An example of a seal labeling machine is the pe film shrink wrapping machine.

Seal labeling machines are usually much cheaper than other machines in the market, mainly due to the fact that they have to employ external adhesive to work. These machines are rather slow too. Not many companies employ the use of seal labeling machines. 


These are the general types of labeling machines in the market. We hope that this little guide has helped you understand what these different types are, and what can be labeled using each individual type. 

We do not expect label making machine manufacturers to come up with a new design any time soon.