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What is the Forecast for the Global Automatic Labeling Machine Market?

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Have you ever wanted to label everything up, but just couldn't find in yourself the effort that would be required to label things up? 

If you are a company that heavily relies on packing things up, maybe it is time to get an automatic labelling machine, like those shrink sleeve label machines

If you are going to invest in an automatic labeling machine, here are some forecasts that you should know:

Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine.png

Current net worth

The current net worth of the global automatic labelling machine market is valued at around 2.5 billion USD. This accounts for both global sales, and worth in company products that have yet to be sold. The 2.5 billion figure comes from press releases, investor presentations, annual reports, expert interviews and market analysis. 

Most of the figures come from Asia-Pacific, and we assume that is China. This is because most of the sleeve labeling machines are used in China. 

Why companies use these machines?

With everything becoming a proper product, and the advent of bar-codes and product information, it has become a trend to label everything. With the help of shrink sleeve label machines, it is becoming easier for companies to label their products while also saving valuable time and money. Instead of hiring people for manual labor & paying them a healthy sum for a little bit of work, companies consider investing in a sleeve labelling machine. The shrink sleeve labeling machine price is often lower than hiring employees in the long run. 

Sleeve labelling machines are used almost everywhere. Whether it be fruits, vegetables, computer parts, clothes or even every-day necessities, almost everything has been labelled with the help of labelling machines. They are both fast, and accurate in their working, and overall decrease the price of each product for a company as costs for labor are much higher per product.

The future 

It is expected that the net-worth of the global automatic labelling machine market will rise to about 2.9 billion USD by 2022. This figure does include everything that we mentioned before. And most likely, the figure will heavily depend on the Asia-Pacific portion of the world. One can only hope to see what the future of the market will be like for these machines. 

As soon as the market for machines go up, the shrink packing machine prices will also increase. We expect these prices to even affect every day goods because every other company relies on these labelling machines. 

However, it will be interesting to see what the future has in hold for shrink sleeve machine manufacturers. We expect these machines to get more efficient, and the manufacturing process to get streamlined in a few years’ time, depending on the current market value. 


We are patiently waiting to check the market's growth. The current market is dominated by Krones, SACMI and Sidel. All of these companies are a part of Europe, but the most market is in Asia. We also included the numbers of other labelling machines except shrink-sleeve machines too.