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What are the main system structures of the carbonated beverage filling production line?

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The carbonated beverage filling production line mainly includes a bottle blowing system, water treatment system, beverage dispensing system, soda water mixer, cooling refrigeration water system and carbon dioxide cylinder, pneumatic air regulating valve, pipeline heating faucet, filling system, and post-packaging system.


1. Source water treatment equipment


Untreated water with high hardness cannot be used as water for soft drinks and cooling, otherwise, a large amount of scale will be produced, and the product will not taste good. Therefore, it must be softened before use, and the hardness of the source water is reduced. Among them, reverse osmosis filtration can treat more than 90% of soluble salts and more than 99% of colloids, microorganisms, micro-profits, and organics in water, and the desalination rate is often 98%~99%. This desalination rate can satisfy most Industry requirements for water purity. After the source water has been treated by a "quartz sand filter", "activated carbon filter", "sodium ion filter", "precision filter" and "RO reverse osmosis filter", most of the microorganisms in the water have been removed. However, some microorganisms are still left in the water. In order to ensure the quality and health of the product, the water should be sterilized. Carbonated beverages are special and routinely sterilized by ultraviolet light.


2. Fully automatic PET blow molding machine


The bottle blowing machine used for filling uses PET as raw material to fill water bottles, which are usually purchased from outside, especially for manufacturers who are just starting out. Considering that the initial investment project reduces the overall cost, or the output is not large, semi-automatic can be considered. The bottle blowing system is operated by adding one or several employees, which reduces the cost of equipment selection. The semi-automatic bottle blowing equipment adopts the process of manually placing the bottle in the oven, softening the preform, and placing it in the mold to blow the bottle. Semi-automatic bottle blowing is only suitable for relatively low output and large production. The production line with high output needs to be changed to a fully automatic bottle blowing machine, which has high production efficiency and reduces labor.


3. Complete deployment system


For the preparation system, the sugar-melting pot can be heated by steam generated by the boiler, or the sugar-melting pot can be heated by electric sugar pot. By continuously stirring in a high temperature environment, if the sugar used is not pure enough, it needs to be filtered with a syrup filter. Make the beverage of good quality and taste good. The ingredients are added with flavors and fragrances, various flavoring agents and stabilizers according to different orders.


4. Fully automatic refrigeration system


In the refrigeration process, the condenser plays the role of outputting heat energy and condensing the refrigerant. After the high-pressure superheated vapor discharged from the refrigeration compressor enters the condenser, all the heat absorbed by the material during the working process, including the heat absorbed from the evaporator and the refrigeration compressor and in the pipeline, is transferred to the surrounding medium (water). or air) is taken away; the high-pressure superheated vapor of the refrigerant is re-condensed into a liquid. When the beverage is at 0-5 degrees Celsius, it can be better combined with CO2, and the carbonation effect is higher.


5. Automatic soda mixer


The mixer used in the preparation of soft drinks is precisely and carefully designed to increase the proportion of water, syrup and carbon dioxide, using a better technology - static mixer to thin the water layer, increase the carbonization time, and ensure the mixing effect of beverages; Good water pumps and electrical appliances form a complete automatic control system, which has the advantages of coordinated action, beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning and high degree of automation, and is suitable for mixing various types of beverages.


6. Automatic sleeve labeling system


The sleeve labeling system is used for the packaging of the bottle body. The whole machine is made of waterproof and non-rust material, full-cover type 304 stainless steel mainframe, beautiful and durable. The single-positioning center guide column and the high-precision fiber locator make the label guide more stable and accurate, and the sleeve standard jing accuracy is as high as 99%. The equipment is customized to the bottle. It is suitable for bottles of various shapes. After the sleeve is marked, the label is reduced by a high-temperature heat shrinking furnace.


7. Fully automatic laser inkjet printer


The external coding of PET bottles can be selected by laser or inkjet printer, according to customer needs. If the laser inkjet printer is used, it saves electricity, has fast speed, simple maintenance, and no consumables. It does not cause pollution and can be adjusted according to the product position. You can adjust the desired depth as needed.


8. Automatic film wrapping machine


The automatic film packaging machine is used for packaging bottled or canned beverages into pieces, which is convenient for operation, saves transportation costs, and is beneficial to moisture-proof. The packaging quantity can be adjusted according to the needs. ,4*6 is the main packing type. The surface of the film is neatly cut by an automatic cross knife.