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The usage, maintenance and installation of small bottle automatic beverage filling machine

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Technological advances have made many parts of the filler more automated and programmable, and more reliable to use. Many models are fully customized. Coatings and other similar types of liquids are designed to be highly viscous with adhesive properties. Therefore, it is essential to use small bottle automatic beverage filling machines and other packaging machinery that can withstand the chemical action when handling and effectively packaging these products. The use of appropriate liquid filling machines can prevent adverse effects on product performance such as the accumulation of coatings during the packaging process. It is filled by the liquid's own weight at atmospheric pressure. The fillers are of two types: periodic and constant volume filling and are used only for filling low viscosity and non-liquids such as milk, liquor, mineral water, etc.

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The filling is carried out under pressure higher than atmospheric pressure, which can also be divided into two types: first, the pressure in the liquid storage cylinder is equal to the pressure in the bottle, and the liquid filling flows into the bottle by its own weight, called isobaric filling; second, the pressure in the liquid storage cylinder is higher than the pressure in the bottle, and the liquid flows into the bottle through the pressure difference. This method is often used in high-speed production lines. It is suitable for filling liquids containing gas, such as beer, soft drinks, champagne, etc.


The small bottle automatic beverage filling machine has a control system that can mechanically control the production speed, detect no cap, stop the bottle automatically and calculate the output. It is very practical and intelligent. The main electrical components and pneumatic components are worldwide products. The operation is controlled by good touch screen, which can realize man-machine dialogue operation.


Use, maintenance, and installation of filling small bottle automatic beverage filling machine.


  1、Because this filling machine is an automatic machine, the size of easy-pull bottles, bottle pads, and caps are required to be unified.


  2、Before driving, the machine must be rotated with the handle to see if there is any abnormalities in its rotation, and then it can be driven.


  3、When adjusting the machine, the tools should be used appropriately, it is strictly forbidden to use too large tools or force to remove parts to avoid damage to the machine or affect the performance of the machine.


  4、Whenever the machine is adjusted, the screws must be loosened and tightened, and the machine must be rotated with the handle to see if the action meets the requirements before driving.


  5、The machine must be kept clean, forbidden to have oil, liquid or glass debris on the machine, so as not to cause corrosion of the machine, so must:


  (1) the machine in the production process, timely removal of liquid or glass debris.


  (2) the machine surface should be cleaned once before the turn of the shift, and in each activity sector plus clean lubricant.


  (3) once a week should be a big scrub, especially will not be easy to clean to the usual use of the place wipe clean or blow clean with compressed air.


Disinfection and flushing of the filling machine.


  1、Screw the upper and lower fastening screws and remove the liquid injection system for overall disinfection or disassemble it for disinfection and cleaning separately.


  2、Place the liquid inlet tube in the cleaning solution and turn on the machine for cleaning.


  3、The 500ml model may have errors in the actual filling, use the measuring cylinder to measure accurately before the official filling.


  4、Fillers with syringes, 10 models with standard 5ml or 10ml syringe, 20 models with 20ml glass filler, 100 models with 100ml glass filler.


Filling machine installation precautions.


  1、After the machine is unpacked, first check whether the random technical data is complete and whether the machine is damaged in transportation so that it can be solved in time.


  2、Install and adjust the feeding component and discharging component according to the shape illustration in this manual.


  3、Lubricate each lubrication point with a new lubricant.


  4、Turn the machine by shaking the handle, and check whether the machine is running in the correct direction (facing the motor spindle in the counterclockwise direction), and the machine must be protected from grounding.