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What specific testing work should be done before the application of automatic beverage filling machine?

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The automatic beverage filling machine adopts the microcomputer control system and pneumatic control system with reliable performance, easy operation, and simple maintenance, which is the whole process of bottle washing, filling, and capping in a closed state to effectively prevent the possible secondary contamination of pure water or mineral water in the filling process and achieve true aseptic filling, which is the ideal pure water/mineral water filling equipment in China. At the same time, more and more companies are beginning to pay attention to and use filling machine production lines.


In order to ensure that the automatic beverage filling machine can run smoothly and efficiently, the factory before the manufacturer of the equipment will be tested on the equipment, the first should be tested on the key indicators of the performance of the equipment, followed by checking that the equipment components are normal, and check whether the electrical wiring of the equipment is normal, when the equipment is applied before the specific tests to be done after the completion of the operation, before it can be put into operation, then the equipment is applied before the specific To do what testing work?


  1, check the cooling water tank of the automatic beverage filling machine, to confirm that there is sufficient water in the tank.


  2, open the vacuum pump circulation pump cooling water so that the cooling water to provide sufficiently.


  3、Before turning on the pump, turn off the valve of the vacuum pump, then slowly turn it on and let it rise.


  4、Turn on the cooling water circulation system so that the cooling water level is kept in the middle line part of the cooler mirror to start the circulation.


  5, not to be able to turn on the pump idle, first apply water to circulate between the sterilizer and the flash steamer, wait for a certain time to heat up, the temperature rises, then feed.


  6, check the automatic beverage filling machine vacuum table is not at zero and each pump interface, sterilizer interface is not connected to the right, each interface is not loose dew gas situation, check no problem, then the next stage of operation.


  7, open the equipment supply pump and flash evaporator discharge pump, so that the flash evaporator liquid level maintains the following part of the sight glass until the liquid level of the material is stable, the next step in the work.


  8, in the process of rising, because the vacuum pump affects the flash evaporator discharge pump, the discharge is reduced, and the liquid level rises to adjust the small four-section equipment feed port so that the liquid level is stable.