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Why Should Your Business Try Printed Shrink Labels?

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A good way to start is by looking at the features of the printed shrink labels. There are lots of benefits of using the shrink sleeve labels most of which are concerned with your business. The benefits go a long way to suggest why your business needs to try printed shrink labels. They have been summed up thus:

Cutommized PVC/PET shirnk label for water bottle

Increased Sales.

Shrink sleeve labels can be custom printed for unique packages. It also combines the idea of security seals with added visual branding options. This makes it unique and different from the conventional labels. The shrink labels provide the needed tools to help you increase sales, gain consumer confidence market products. They can be used as full body shrink sleeve labels, multi-pack of promotional shrink bands and the tamper-evident shrink bands.

Visual Branding

Shrink labels can be custom printed with full-color photographic images that would wrap completely around the whole body of the container or pack.

 One unique feature of the shrink labels is that they do not limit space which is a common issue with the conventional labels. However, the shrink sleeve labels will give room for greater creativity while presenting the brand identity. This is good for any business. Again, it provides innovative options for special promotions as well as enhances product information display. An old brand can be revitalized by showing the consumers that a product they thought they knew so much about is worth another unique try.


Security Seal.

Apart from functioning a traditional label for identification, a shrink sleeve can also work as a tamper-evident security seal which is applied to a product pack. This is very important as it eliminates the need for rigorous packaging processes as well as multiple labels. This will also help to save extra expenses on these processes.

Consumer Confidence. 

The inherent transparency of the shrink film helps to create a clear and unprinted window section. This allows consumers to view the contents of the package. This offers a good way of adding an extra layer of confidence in your products.



The Shrink sleeve labels are printed in a reverse format on transparent shrink film, with the inks safely sealed behind 40-70 microns of clear film. This process simply implies that your graphics are well protected from tearing common to traditional labels when exposed during transport or while on the store shelves. It also protects from marring, scuffing and ensures that you product packages are introduced to the market in good condition.



Shrink labels are usually available in a wide range of environmentally friendly forms. They are made from organic raw materials which are biodegradable. For example, the polylactic acid is a corn-based biopolymer which is used in the manufacture of some shrink labels. With the growing consciousness of the environment and the search for sustainable ways to minimize pollution, the shrink labels are good options for the business. This will also garner much credit from global customers as well as grow the business.