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3 in 1 rotary type automatic pure water filling machine
  • 3 in 1 rotary type automatic pure water filling machine
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3 in 1 rotary type automatic pure water filling machine

This automatic mineral water filling machine mainly used in the water filling operations, the three function of bottle washing, filling, and capping are composed in one body of the machine, the whole process is automatic, it is conveniently turned to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles, the filling operation is faster and more stable due to the advanced filling valve technology, The famous brand programmed controller (PLC) is adopted to control the machine runs automatically. It is the ideal preferred equipment for the beverage maker

  • Product Description

The introductions of water filling machine

Our automatic mineral water filling machine is mainly used for water filling operations. This filling machine is an all-in-one machine, including three functions of bottle washing, filling, and capping. The entire filling process is safe and environmentally friendly. Advanced filling valve technology can easily adjust the machine to fill a variety of bottle types with fast filling operation speed and high stability. A famous brand of the programmable controller (PLC) is used to control the automatic operation of the machine. It is one of the ideal equipment for beverage manufacturers.


Main Structures of Water Bottling Machine
1. Bottle infeed: Bottle infeed by combination of infeed starwheels. Equipped with bottle jam protection device.
2. Discharge Starwheel: Nylon starwheel and conveyor belt work to discharge bottles.
3. Rinsing system: Combined with rotary tray with clamp, water distributing tray, water tank and rinsing pump.
4. Filling system: Combined with hydraulic, filling valve, controlling ring, and elevator-cylinder.
5. Capping system: Combined with capper, cap sorter and cap falling track.
6. Driving system: Combined with main motor and gears.
7. Bottle transmitting system: Combined with air conveyor, steel starwheels and neck supporting carrier plates.

8. Electrical controlling system: this part is frequency inverted, PLC controlled and touch screen operated.


Washing heads
1.Using a unique design, avoid the traditional bottle on rubber clip to block the bottle threaded parts may be caused by the
2.Washing pump is made of stainless steel.
3. By high spray nozzle, a blunt bottle of water jet angles, flush to the bottle of any part of the inner wall, rinse with water thoroughly and save the flush bottle.

4. Bottle clamp and flip agencies sliding sleeve adopts Germany igus corrosion-resistant bearing without maintenance.


Filling heads
1.Filling method for gravity filling.
2.Filling valve manufactured SUS 304/316L.
3.High precision, high-speed liquid filling.
4.Filling move by the rack drive system through gear transmission.
5.Hydraulic cylinder controlled by a float liquid level.

6.Using the latest double guide pillar type bottle of the lifting mechanism, avoid the bottle of elevating the old products must be through the mesa caused by leakage on the edge, at the same time, easy installation and maintenance.


Capping heads
1.Automatic check, no bottle no capping.
2.Capping heads in stainless steel 304/316L.
3.Capping heads stop working when lack of bottle.
4.Fall guy guide sets out to prevent the cover through and cover on the body, at the same time equipped with a set of photoelectric switch, automatic stop when lighted cover rail without a cover machine, can effectively avoid the occurrence of an open bottle.

5.High efficiency centrifugal principle.


The Features of water filling machine

1. Smart touch screen, humanized design, easy to operate.

2. High-speed filling valve to avoid dripping and leakage and the filling volume are accurate.

3. Program Logic Controller (Plc), easy to change the size, or modify parameters.

4. Pneumatic components are all well-known brands, stable and reliable.

5. Photoelectric sensor and pneumatic link control can automatically protect bottle shortage.

6. Pneumatic execution control valve, high efficiency, and safety.

7. Tight positioning design, easy to manipulate, suitable for packaging bottles of various sizes.

8. The machine is designed according to the buyer's requirements


The parameter of water filling machine


CGF8-8-3, 12-12-6, 18-18-6, 24-24-8, 

32-32-8,40-40-10, 50-50-12, 60-60-15


Springwater / mineral water / pure water / non-gas wine drink and so on

Production capacity(500ml)


Filling precision

≤±5mm(liquid level)

User Ambient Conditions


Humidity:   No dew

Suitable bottle specification


Diameter   φ=50-110

Bottle   height H=150 ~350mm

Machine material

Food   stage SS304 OR SS316

Air source pressure (Mpa)


Motor power(kW)

Main motor 5.12kw

Control System


Power Supply


Frequency:50HZ/60HZ   or your requirement

Overall dimensions (mm)


Weight (kg)



CE   / SGS / ISO 9001/ CCC

Turnkey/complete water production line includes :

1. Bottle blowing system to make PET plastic bottles ( Semi automatic / Fully automatic )
2. Water treatment system purify water (Sand filter,carbon filter,RO/UF ,Ozone sterilizer,UV sterilizer and etc.)
3. Air conveyor for empty bottle loading 4. 3 in 1 monoblock Rinser-filler-capper machine
5. Labeling machine(PVC sleelve labeling machine/OPP hot melt glue labeling machine/Self-adheisive labeling machine )
6. Cap loader load caps 7. Code printer (Ink-jet printer/ laser-jet printer)

8. End packaging ( PE shrink wrapping machine / Carton packing machine )


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