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Bottled water filling machine to avoid wrong use

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The use of bottled water filling machine to improve our production efficiency, provide a convenient, recognized by us, we have to prevent the use of errors in the use of the only way to better operation, then we should pay attention to the correct method in the use of the time, do not appear what fault.

  1、Bottled water filling machine before use check: after the machine is installed, power on, test operation three-phase motor, to ensure that the correct direction of operation, to ensure the pressure and flow of compressed air, check whether the motor, bearings, etc. need to add lubricating oil, prohibit oil-free operation, normal before starting the machine, together with the observation of the parts of the fasteners are not loose, to be stable in the operation of the parts, before normal use.

  2、Check whether the safety equipment function is normal.

  3、In the bottled water filling machine before starting carefully check all the water tanks whether there is water, the chain plate has no jam, whether there is debris on the conveyor belt, Chu cap box whether there are bottle caps, water source, power supply, gas source whether a few barrels, to be the kick ah you press-ready, in the closed main power supply, power indicator light, fault indicator light, the emergency stop indicator lights does not light, then start conditions have, according to the control box on the start button and filling at the start switch After three warning beeps, the machine will start running and enter the automatic operation of external washing, flushing, and filling. Second, the use of bottled water filling machine safety rules.

  1、Liquid filling machine equipment without foreign objects (such as tools, rags, etc.).

  2、The liquid filling machine does not allow abnormal ringing (if any should immediately stop, check the cause).

  3、All protection should be safe and reliable, and prohibit the wearing of foreign objects that may be hanging by moving parts (such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc.).

  4、Operators with long hair should bring hair cover.

  5、Do not use water and other liquids to clean the electrical unit.

  6、Cleaning should wear work clothes, gloves, eye stare, to prevent strong acid, and strong alkali corrosion.

  7、And its operation, there must be someone to monitor, do not use tools or other objects close to the machine.

  8、Do not let the operation of oh unrelated personnel near the equipment.