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High-precision edible oil filling machine to meet the different needs of market development

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High-precision edible oil filling machine as a piece of important equipment in the packaging industry, the development of the industry has extraordinary significance. It continues to develop into more defects in the packaging industry, not only to provide more impetus for the sustainable development of the industry but also to meet the different needs of market development. The continuous development of the filling machine in line with the domestic production capacity, but also the results of technological advances in filling machines and development results.



  Edible oil filling machine plays an increasingly important role in the production of enterprises. For enterprises, the use of edible oil filling machine is not a problem but ignore the correct operating norms and maintenance.


  1. Automatic edible oil filling machine should be used in a dry and clean room and should not be used in places containing acid and other corrosive gases.


  2. Regular inspection of parts and electrical components, once a week, check the bolts on the lubrication block, bearings and other moving parts are flexible and wearable, and found that the defects should be repaired in a timely manner, and shall not be used reluctantly.


  3. When refueling the packaging machine, do not let the oil overflow from the cup, and do not flow around the machine and the ground. Because the oil can easily contaminate the substance and affect product quality.


  4. After the machine is used or stopped, the parts should be cleaned and no residual oil or dust should be left behind.


  5. If the machine is out of use for a long time, the automatic quantitative edible oil filling machine must be cleaned and wiped. The smooth surface of the machine parts are coated with anti-rust oil and covered with cloth.


  The high precision edible oil filling machine also has the following advantages.


  1. Less manpower: the whole line is harmoniously controlled and only one person is needed to operate it.


  2. Simple operation: humanized planning of the whole line, foolproof operation, easy to master with simple practice.


  3. Repair convenience: the use of easy to install and easy to remove structure, easy to protect and repair.


  4. Low drawback rate: the use of high-quality and imported components, durable.


  5. Forward performance: nanny type punctual return visit performance, the hidden shortcomings in advance.


  6. Convenient repair: select high-quality anti-corrosion materials for agricultural and chemical operations, and select specific materials for special materials to ensure corrosion resistance


  7. High qualification rate: High qualification rate of single machine and the whole line is equipped with multi-channel testing and removal system to ensure that each product is 100% qualified.


  8. High capacity: fully exploit the single machine output, and equipped with the whole line intelligent harmonization system, 20% higher capacity than similar products.


  9. Fast switching: High-precision edible oil filling machine modular planning, the number of standard instructions, and fast-loading structure, to ensure rapid switching.