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Three-in-one Carbonated Beverage Production Line

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Three-in-one gas beverage production line can do a variety of types of gas beverages on the market. Gas beverages are those that contain a prescribed amount of gas, the composition of the gas reaches more than 1.0 gas, which is generally CO2, there are also some liquids that are added to the inside of the gas such as oxygen, etc. This category is a lot of bottled gas beverages by adding the prescribed oxygen, adding oxygen to the water, also known as oxygenated water. Oxygenated water production uses a mixing system to mix the liquid in the gas. There are several packages of aerated beverages on the market, such as glass bottles, plastic, and cans. Currently, plastic bottles can be produced independently, while glass bottles and cans are purchased from outside.



PET bottles for aerated beverages are blown out by blowing equipment. The 3-in-1 aerated beverage production line is made of metal with an outer frame and has a series of functions such as automatic embryo loading, heating, mold closing, and bottle blowing. The automatic bottle blowing machine has the switchability of multiple bottles, only when the mold is changed. Automatic bottle blowing output can be from 2000, 4000, 6000, or 9000 bottles/hour a variety of output to choose from, matching configurations: one out of two, one out of four, one out of six, full servo high-speed one out of six and other models. The blowing machine control adopts one key touch control, and the internal structure is composed of components such as a frequency converter, PLC controller, relay open light, and air switch.


The temperature of the aerated beverage is too high, which is not conducive to the mixing of other mainly CO2. The CO2 used to make the beverage is of food grade and is filtered before use. In order to improve the CO2 of the beverage, the chiller is used to lower the temperature of the beverage and carbonate the beverage. The chiller adopts multiple compressors, and multiple imported compressors, with good refrigeration effect and mention rate. Used with plate heat exchanger to speed up the effect of cooling. The internal coils can transfer the temperature better to other places. In order to be able to carbonate the beverage, this needs a soda mixer, through static mixing, the liquid cylinder in the liquid uses 304 stainless steel surface polishing. The mixer consists of a high-pressure pump and a vacuum pump. Wen's tank, the beverage in a spray state with CO2 for the results, thus forming too acidified drinks.