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Cocktail Filling Machine Processing Production Line

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The cocktail filling machine mainly includes water treatment equipment, ingredient mixing system, refrigeration system, filling system, light inspection equipment, bottle warming machine, air blower, coding machine, labeling equipment, packaging system, with a production capacity of up to 2000 bottles/hour~24000 bottles/hour.

  1、Adopting isobaric filling principle, with fast filling speed and stable liquid level control. The silo is a fully enclosed structure and equipped with a CIP interface.

  2、Adopt magnetic twist capping head to realize capping and capping. The capping torque is steplessly adjustable, and the sealing is tight and reliable.

  3、Horizontal rotating pneumatic capping device has the function of not damaging the surface of the cap and automatically replenishing the cap by leaking inside the funnel.

  4、The whole machine adopts PLC computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen button and is equipped with alarm devices such as missing cap and overload protection, which can detect and troubleshoot in time and has a high degree of production automation.

  The cocktail filling machine adopts both high-temperature hot filling and aseptic cold filling to make juice and tea drinks with strict process requirements. In terms of PET bottle filling process technology, operability of the production line, and comprehensive comparison of beverages, it is more economical to use the hot filling process. Hot filling requires juice and tea beverages to be kept at a fixed value between 85°C and 95°C after UHT instantaneous temperature sterilization, and the filling is done within a short period of time, which is high-temperature filling.

  The material passes through the filling cylinder ---- filling valve ---- container- --- return tank ---- return tank --- --Low cylinder ---- pump --- --Cooler --Balance tank of UHT. The process flow of cocktail filling machine processing line is as follows.

  1、Clear juice process

  Raw material selection → washing and sorting → crushing → pressing → coarse filtration → clarification → enzymatic digestion → fine filtration → sugar and acid adjustment → degassing → sterilization → filling → packaging → storage.

  2、Muddy juice process

  Fruit selection → washing → softening → peeling → crushing → pulping → gumming → pure fruit pulp → mixing → liquid → homogenization (secondary homogenization) → vacuum degassing → sterilization → filling → sealing → secondary sterilization → quality inspection → finished product.