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The working process of automatic equal pressure filling machine.

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The isobaric filling machine is generally in the storage tank to maintain the filling pressure, when the container to be filled into the filling machine, the first container inflatable, the gas can be compressed air, can also use carbon dioxide gas, to carbon dioxide gas is good. When the pressure in the container and the storage tank pressure is the same, that is, with the self-weight of the liquid through the opening of the filling valve filling. During the filling process, the gas inside the container should be exported smoothly and returned to the storage tank or gas chamber. In the filling of soft drinks, small champagne, and beer, mostly equal pressure filling is used.


The filling method adopts the new micro-pressure filling, which makes the filling speed faster and more stable, so the output of this machine is higher and more effective compared with the same specification machine. The isobaric filling machine adopts an advanced Japanese Mitsubishi programmable controller (PLC) to control the automatic operation of the machine, and the bottle feeding chain channel is adjusted by frequency converter, which cooperates with the main machine frequency converter to make the bottle feeding operation more stable. The operation condition of each part is detected by photoelectricity, so it is highly automated and easy to operate.


   The working process of an automatic equal pressure filling machine:


  1、The initial position bottle has not yet touched the filling valve, the gas and liquid channels are in the closed state.


  2、Filling pressure bottle and filling valve cover together to rise to a predetermined position, at this time the rotary fork will fill the valve open, pressure gas from the ring storage cylinder through the filling channel into the bottle.


  3、Injecting liquid back to gas when the pressure in the bottle reaches the pressure of the storage cylinder, the liquid valve will open automatically, the liquid shall flow down along the bottle wall by the shunt umbrella, at the same time, the pressure gas replaced in the bottle returns to the filling cylinder through the return tube, when the liquid level in the bottle reaches the lower part of the return tube, the liquid injection is over.


  4 、The valve is closed rotary fork to close the pressure gas valve and liquid valve.


  5、Fill top carbon dioxide valve open, carbon dioxide or other inert gas from the annular groove into the bottle, the bottleneck to drive away from the air.


  6, Pressure release valve opens, the pressure in the bottle through the needle valve in the pressure release channel, escaping to the annular groove.