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Structural composition and technical principle of glass bottle filling machine

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The glass bottle filling machine adopts bottle clamping force transfer technology to realize fully automatic bottle washing, bottling, and capping processes with a high degree of automation; equipped with perfect temperature control system and reflux system, perfect automatic cleaning system, and control program. All parts in contact with liquid are made of stainless steel and food-grade rubber.

The capping part is composed of a magnetic moment capping head and capping machine. The mechanical structure part is made of purple copper, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and low noise. The capping speed can reach 15000~18000 bottles per hour. The overall design of the screw cap head is larger. It is suitable for different sizes of caps with a screw diameter of 40mm. the screw head is designed as a magnetic separation torque type, which can adjust the torque of caps of different sizes and threads. The adjustment method is convenient and simple, just adjust the position of the torque screw.

1、The glass bottle filling machine adopts bottle mouth gripping technology to ensure smooth operation when the filling valve moves up and down during the filling process. This method makes it possible to fill different bottle types without replacing many parts, thus achieving easy adjustment.

2、The machine adopts a new generation of spring clips to avoid secondary contamination caused by the spring clip touching the bottle opening. It can rinse the inside and outside of the bottle at the same time.

3、This machine adopts the atmospheric pressure filling method, which is fast and stable and does not touch the logistics to avoid secondary contamination and oxidation of materials.

4、This machine adopts magnetic capping, which can easily complete capping and sealing action. The magnetic force can be adjusted to suit different bottle types.

5、A single operation panel is adopted to ensure the coordination and convenience of each department.

6、Filling cylinder, filling valve, and other parts that are in direct contact with materials are made of high-quality stainless steel or non-toxic materials to meet food hygiene requirements.

7、The seal adopts heat-resistant rubber to meet the process requirements of high-temperature sterilization of users.

8、Adopt PCL programmable controller to realize fully automatic control from bottle feeding to packaging completion. Adopt frequency conversion speed control, easy for users to adjust and prepare, to meet the requirements of different processes on capacity

9、Adopting the principle of equal pressure filling and the popular spring valve to ensure the quality of beverage

10、The glass bottle filling machine adopts a magnetic clutch to adjust the capping torque device to ensure the quality of capping.