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Equipment Composition And Process Flow Of Soda Drink Production Line

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Soda includes aerated soda and non-carbonated soda. Aerated soda, also known as inflatable soda, is an aqueous solution that contains weak alkalinity, and drinking it can neutralize the acid-base balance in the body and change the acidic constitution. Most of the airless sodas sold in the market are synthetic carbonated drinks, which are made by pressing carbon dioxide into purified drinking water and adding sweeteners and flavors. Since airless sodas do not contain carbon dioxide, this product is more suitable for public consumption. Airless soda uses an aqueous solution with non-sugar such as AK sugar as a taste modifier and a moderate amount of food flavoring. Generally speaking, the pH value of airless soda is stable between 7.5-8.5.


Equipment composition of soda drink production line: full set of filling and packaging production line, including water treatment system, automatic bottle blowing machine, wind feeding line, cap conveying sterilizer, cap cleaning machine, three lines of cleaning, filling and capping machine, dryer, labeling machine, coding machine, stacking machine, winding machine, full bottle conveying system, case conveying system, electric control system, etc. Optional equipment: automatic bottle dispenser or manual bottle dispensing system, full/semi-automatic bottle washing machine, labeling machine, carton packing machine, nitrogen adding machine, etc.


The production process of soda drink production line: raw water → pretreatment and coarse filtration → reverse osmosis ultra-filtration → aseptic storage tank → preparation and mixing tank → ozone disinfection → precision filtration → filling and sealing → inspection → spray code → label shrinkage → packaging → finished bottled soda.


  1、Water purification: mechanical filtration, activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis fine filtration.


  2、Adding soda water for blending: pure water tank, blending tank, ozone disinfection, precision filtration.


 3、Filling and sealing part: bottle washing, filling and sealing integrated machine, coding machine, label shrinking machine.


The high-speed line of soda water production line adopts bottle clamping transmission technology, which makes the bottle shape change more freely and the internal worktable of the unit more concise; the three processes of bottle washing, filling, and capping are completed at one time. The bottle wear is small, the transmission is accurate and stable, and the bottle shape is easy to change. The specially designed stainless steel bottle clamps of the bottle washing machine are firm and durable and do not touch the bottle threads, avoiding secondary contamination of the bottle mouth. The technology of direct connection between the air duct and bottle inlet impeller eliminates the bottle inlet screw and conveying chain, which makes the bottle change simple and convenient.