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Working performance of glass bottle beer filling machine

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The whole process of the glass bottle beer filling machine is automated, suitable for filling gas-containing drinks, made of SUS304 material, the main parts are precisely processed by CNC machine tools, and the whole machine adopts advanced photo electricity to detect the operation condition of each part, with no bottle without filling, no bottle without sending cap, high degree of automation, and simple man-machine interface operation display.


  The working performance of the glass bottle beer filling machine.


  1、Bottle feeding adopts conveying chain screw bottle feeding device, using the bottom of the bottle support method, fast bottle loading speed, and will not damage the bottle.


  2、The bottle rinsing mouth adopts the advanced bottleneck technology to avoid contact with the bottle mouth, which is more hygienic. The bottle conveying all adopts the bottle bottom-holding technology, so the bottle shape can be changed by only adjusting the height and changing the bottle diameter related to the guard plate.


  3、The opening valve mechanism is driven by a cylinder, the action is accurate and reliable. High speed and high flow rate, high precision quality beer filling valve, fast filling speed, and accurate liquid level.


  4、Horizontal rotary vibration capping device, with functions such as not damaging the surface of the bottle cap and sending a signal to automatically replenish the cap when the cap is missing in the hopper.


  5、Sealing technology adopts advanced automatic capping technology.


  6、The host PLC and frequency converter are branded, and the whole machine adopts PLC computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen button, with the functions of automatic control of the liquid level of the material cylinder, no bottle not filling, no bottle not adding cap, etc., and with the functions of stopping for bottle misalignment by dialing the bottle star wheel and stopping for lack of cap in the cap slide.


  7、The whole machine adopts oil nylon gear transmission, the noise is small, and the whole machine runs smoothly.


  The glass bottle beer filling machine adopts the principle of atmospheric pressure filling, when the empty can enter the lifting tray through the dial wheel, the filling valve and the empty can are aligned, the empty can is raised and sealed, while the valve opening of the filling valve is opened automatically, and the filling stops when the filling liquid level blocks the valve's return orifice. The filled cans are sent to the sealing head by hook chain, and the lid is sent to the mouth of the can by the lid feeder and pressure head, when the can-holding mechanism is raised, the pressure head presses the mouth of the can, the sealing wheel is pre-sealed and then sealed, the cans are sealed and pushed out by the beating head of the lid-beating mechanism, and then enter the can-out conveyor.