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Congo Customers Come To Visit Paima Factories

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Last week, our customer from Congo cme to visit our factory from a long distance. Our gold medal sales Tony and Alice enthusiastically introduce kinds of labeling machines to customers, and on-site test machines to show customers our excellent product quality, customers are very satisfied with our equipment and expressed on the spot To order two hot melt glue opp labeling machines.

Pima packaging produces kinds of different specific OPP rotary hot melt adhesive labeling machine, continuous operation labeling new labeling machine, mainly used for washing, beverage, mineral water, food and other various OPP, pearl film, composite paper, and other rolled material labels of the cylindrical shape bottle hot melt adhesive labeling. The use of OPP film and other new environmentally friendly materials, maximum lower production costs, saving to more than 30%; at the same time, the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials is a trend in the development of the packaging industry, labeling using servo motor drive control, all-electric eyes are imported from Japan photoelectric, configuration, PLC human-machine interface. Labeling speed, high degree, stable performance, easy to operate, beautiful and flat appearance.